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Posts tagged "unwanted sexual advances"

Texas sheriff sentenced for sexual harassment

A former Texas sheriff recently pleaded guilty to accusations of sexual harassment against a colleague. The incident occurred while he and the victim were traveling together for work-related reasons. Experiencing sexual harassment in a contained situation may leave a victim with many questions regarding his or her rights and what the next step should be.

Employer liable for sexual harassment in Texas in certain cases

Employees may enjoy the challenge of going to work each day and striving to impress their bosses -- enough to get them a raise. However, when they are singled out due to their sex and are harassed on this basis in Texas, the work environment can easily become unpleasant. A recent article explains why employers should be cognizant of how their supervisors treat their employees as far as sexual harassment is concerned.

Should unpaid interns have to put up with sexual harassment?

An east coast court recently ruled that unpaid interns are technically not considered employees. Therefore, they have no standing to sue for sexual harassment under that state's law. Every state, including Texas, has unpaid interns who spend hundreds of hours working for a company. Just because they receive no monetary compensation for their work, does that mean they should have to put up with sexual harassment?

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