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Posts tagged "Wage and Hour Laws"

Class action lawsuit says company violated wage and hour laws

When working for a company, most employees believe that in exchange for their performing the work, they will be paid. Long hours at any job can put stress on a family, but that is only compounded when some of that work goes unpaid. A man claims that his former employer -- RCMN Credit Services Inc. -- violated wage and hour laws when it forced him work off-the-clock without pay. His class-action lawsuit has been filed in a federal court in Texas against the company as well as several other defendants.

Dick's settles failure to pay overtime accusations for $10M

A group of six workers employed by Dick's Sporting Goods Inc. in several states outside of Texas filed suit against the athletic retailer. Dick's was accused by the employees of a failure to pay overtime because they believed that they were misclassified. This case will also cover other workers who were in the same class in the three years prior to these proceedings.

Ex-Saints personal assistant sues for a failure to pay overtime

Texas sports fans may be familiar with Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. Benson's former personal assistant is suing the Saints for a failure to pay overtime. He has filed a case against the Saints in a federal court.

City accused of a failure to pay overtime at the appropriate rate

The most common wage theft complaints in Texas and across the United States are generally relating to unpaid overtime. However, it is not only the failure to pay overtime that can be an issue. Problems can also arise when the overtime is paid, but it is not paid at the proper rate.

Class action wage and hour claim against Tyson Foods

A 1946 Supreme Court decision has been deemed relevant in a current dispute between Tyson Foods and thousands of its employees. More than 3,300 workers have joined the class action against the food mogul claiming wage and hour violations at a plant that processes pork outside the state of Texas. On a recent Tuesday, it appeared that the Supreme Court would most likely sustain a finding against the company.

First Student accused of shortchanging drivers re wages

First Student, the largest bus transportation provider for students in the United States with locations in Texas, was recently named as a defendant in a class action lawsuit. Sixty five school bus drivers are participating in the complaint, but this case could impact as many as 12,000 other drivers. The federal lawsuit, filed in a state outside of Texas, accuses the company of shortchanging drivers with regard to their wages. Class action for this case has been requested, but not yet been granted.

Halliburton pays out $18 million for wage and hour violations

When oil prices are high, it is often the result of increased demand. As a result, many people are hired to handle the increased workload created by the demand. Those employees often work long hours, based on the assumption that they will be compensated for their hours, but many later find they did not receive all the money they deserved. A group of past and present workers from Texas-based Halliburton is accusing the company of wage and hour violations because they were denied overtime pay.

Movie chain accused of a failure to pay minimum wage

A movie chain based in Dallas, Texas, is being accused by an employee who works for the company in another state of not being paid appropriately. The class-action lawsuit was filed in a federal court against Movie Tavern Partners, Southern Theaters and ten other unnamed defendants. The defendants are being accused of a failure to pay minimum wage as well as other labor violations.

Olsen twins accused of wage and hour law violations

Getting an internship is a great way to get some real world experience before heading into the workforce for college students in Texas and across the country. However, employers who bring on these interns must adhere to applicable employment laws at the state and federal levels. An intern who worked for the Olsen twins has filed a class action lawsuit in a court in another state, accusing them of non-payment of wages and violating wage and hour laws.

Firefighter files claim for improperly calculated overtime wages

Many Texas employees depend on the money earned from overtime to help support their families. If the pay is not calculated correctly, it may cause undue hardship. A firefighter in another state alleges that he and his co-workers were not given the proper wages for the hours that they spent working overtime.

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