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10 Wage And Hour Violations Every Texas Employee Should Be Aware Of

Employees generally understand that they are supposed to be paid for the work they do. However, holding employers accountable for wage and hour violations can be tricky, especially if the employer commits a violation and tries to hide it.

2 women allege retaliation, gender discrimination

Receiving poor treatment on the basis of one's gender in Texas can be not only humiliating but also damaging to one's career. In another state, two women recently claimed that their former director unjustly fired them and then hired men who did not have the same experience or education as they did. They thus filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging retaliation as well as gender discrimination.

New law allows higher wages to qualify for overtime in Texas

A person who earns the minimum wage in Texas may not be able to support a family unless he or she works overtime hours. To automatically qualify for overtime, employees must work more than 40 hours a week and earn less than $23,660 a year. However, new rules for wages and overtime going into effect at the end of the year will change the salary requirements for overtime eligibility.

Workplace discrimination remains serious issue for workers

Nearly one-third of the charges seen by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, deal with harassment. The top bases of harassment include sex and race as well as disability. Workplace discrimination continues to pose a serious problem for workers across the United States, including in Texas.        

Unjust wages highlighted by U.S. women's soccer team

The United States' women's soccer team made Texas soccer fans proud when they played their way to snag the reigning spot as the World Cup champions. Carli Lloyd, a member of the team, was even named the female player of the year by the International Federation of Association Football -- FIFA. Despite all of the accomplishments by the women's team, some of its star players claim that their wages consistently trail behind those earned by those on the national men's team.

Wage and hour law violations grounds for legal claims

Several federal laws are in place to protect workers from unjust wage practices in Texas and other states. The wage and hour laws were created to make sure that employees are not exploited by dishonest employers. However, spotting wage and hour law violations can sometimes be challenging. People who are concerned that their employees are not complying with these laws may want to consult attorneys to discuss their cases.

Manuel Fernandez and AIM are being sued for unpaid wages

Many Texas readers who enjoy fashion may have heard of Nole Marin, a.k.a. Manuel Fernandez. The fashion mogul and his modeling agency, AIM Model Management, are being sued by a former booking agent and two models. They allege that they were not paid all of the wages they were owed and Marin used the money to keep up his lavish lifestyle. The lawsuit was filed in a superior court.

Jets settle cheerleader wages dispute for $325K

Texas sports fans may enjoy watching the cheerleaders support their home teams, but according to the women, it is not all fun and games. The NFL is involved in another class action lawsuit from the cheerleaders of one of its teams and this time it is the Jets. One of the cheerleaders filed a lawsuit against the team in a state court alleging that the women had not been paid proper wages and were even being paid less than the state minimum wage.

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