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Posts tagged "wage and hour violations"

'Fashion Police' writers go on strike for better wages

Writers on the popular television show Fashion Police have announced that they are on strike until the show agrees to sign a contract with the Writers Guild of America, the union that represents many television writers. The employees say that the show is ignoring relevant wage and hour laws which would entitle them to overtime pay and benefits.

Should your coworkers know how much you earn?

The world of pay scales, especially in larger businesses or corporations, is a source of mystery to many. Whether one is looking for a new job or asking for a raise in a current job, it can be hard to asses exactly what your skills and experience are worth. But what if all of that information was available, and you knew what your coworkers earned and they knew what you earned?

Goodwill accused of underpaying disabled employees

Charitable organization Goodwill has been accused of underpaying disabled employees, according to recent calls for a boycott initiated by the National Federation of the Blind. A spokesperson for the disability rights group says that Goodwill and many other organizations are taking advantage of a loophole in the Fair Labor Standards Act that provides for an exemption from the federal minimum wage.

Interns sue Fox over minimum wage violations

Former interns of Fox Entertainment Group are seeking to expand an already large class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that their internship program violated federal minimum wage and overtime laws. The lawsuit was initially brought by two interns who were associated with the production of the Black Swan and named only Fox Searchlight, but attorneys representing them now say it's become clear that the same problems affected many more interns throughout Fox.

Wage theft increases in 2012

This year has seen a record number of claims that employers are not paying employees the wages that they are entitled to. Employees are protected from wage theft by the Fair Labor Standards Act, and so far at least 7,064 claims have been filed under that law in 2012. To put this number in perspective, only about 2,000 claims were filed in 2002.

Texas farm workers sue agricultural company for poor conditions

Many in Texas are aware of the naturally rough conditions that farm workers in the state must face. In addition to hot weather and difficult manual labor, many workers on farms in Texas spend much of the year moving among different locations depending on where the harvest is. The industry practice is for the employer to provide temporary housing to the workers while they are at a particular location and the conditions for that arrangement are usually a part of the whole agreement that the workers make with the company that hires them.

Celine Dion's former employee files wage-and-hour lawsuit against star

Welcome to our employment law blog. We hope that readers in the San Antonio area will find this to be a resource for news and information on the field of law that governs the relationship people have with their jobs and with their employers. Although you may not hear about this area very much, it is more important than you might think. After all, we all need jobs, so employment law touches our daily lives even if we are not aware of it.

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