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5 federally mandated protections against pregnancy discrimination

Last week, we discussed workplace discrimination based on pregnancy. This week, we dig deeper into Pregnancy Discrimination Act to understand the protections it guarantees to women. Here are five things you should know:

Is pregnancy discrimination in the workplace illegal?

When you hear the words “workplace discrimination,” you likely think about discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation. A less commonly talked about form of discrimination—which is nonetheless still an issue in the workplace—is pregnancy discrimination.

Workplace retaliation: an increasingly common problem in the U.S.

Workplace retaliation constitutes nearly 45 percent of all workplace discrimination claims, according to a recent report. This number represents a steep increase compared to 22 percent two decades ago. Experts say that vulnerable populations—immigrants and low-income workers—are especially susceptible to such treatment.

How do I file an employment discrimination complaint in Texas?

The state of Texas defines employment discrimination as any unfair treatment on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, sex, national origin, age or pregnancy. Such treatment could include refusing to hire a particular individual or giving an existing employee disadvantages because of any of the above factors.

Companies call for an end to sexual orientation discrimination

Employment laws in the U.S. change more often than other areas of law. Courts and lawmakers are frequently reviewing, changing and expanding laws in an effort to adapt to and reflect modern workplaces and attitudes.

I need an accommodation at work: how do I know what's reasonable?

In accordance with Texas and federal laws, employers with at least 15 employees are required to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with disabilities. Failure to do so could lead to discrimination claims against the employer.

Discriminatory conduct can negatively impact Texas workers

Ideally, all workplaces would treat employees and potential employees equally. Unfortunately, discriminatory conduct takes place in many institutions, and workers may find themselves having to take action to have the issues addressed. In many cases, filing reports with outside parties or taking legal action may prove necessary if internal complaints go unheeded.

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