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Man claims he was fired for discrimination due to wife's illness

When workers are dealing with the health situations of their family members, they expect that the company they work for will support them and not treat them any differently going forward. However, some Texas employers do not want to deal with the expense of the situation, nor do they want to accommodate the workers during this difficult time. Acting in such a manner may cause the employees to believe that they are victims of discrimination.

Ruby Tuesday accused of discrimination due to hiring decisions

There are very few instances in which the law would make a concession for any type of sex discrimination in the workplace. Ruby Tuesday Inc. made the error of believing that its situation would allow for a form of sex discrimination being acceptable under the law. Patrons of the restaurant in Texas and elsewhere may be disappointed to hear about the way in which the company was making decisions for summer jobs that were available in another state.

Airline worker claims he was the victim of race discrimination

The rules that apply to one worker should apply to all of the workers. Employees in Texas may feel they are the victims of discrimination if they and their co-workers are not subjected to the same treatment. Fortunately, when workers cannot find solutions after discussing their feelings with their employers, they can turn to the law for help.

Texas-based drilling company accused of workplace discrimination

No matter how large or small a company may be, it does not get a free pass to subject its employees to discrimination. Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc., a gas and oil drilling company based in Texas, is being accused of workplace discrimination by more than 1,000 affected workers. According to the complaint filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the company has been engaged in discriminatory behavior since 2006. The discrimination has been allegedly based upon the national origin and race of some of the workers.

Nekesha McCary claims she is owed more than $30k in back wages

Being a model may seem like a glamorous job, but, behind the scenes, it seems to be a different story. Many models in Texas and across the country may be dealing with the same issues as Nekesha McCary. She claims she is owed back wages because she was inappropriately classified as an independent contractor instead of as an employee.

Ex truck driver accuses BFI Waste Services of race discrimination

A truck driver claims he lost his job was because of the color of his skin. The former employee -- who happens to be black -- worked for BFI Waste Services of Texas. He alleges that he was the victim of race discrimination and was given unfair treatment compared to his co-workers.

Worker cites workplace discrimination due to race

All employees should have the same opportunities and be held to the same standards, regardless of any protected status characteristic. Texas workers discover that they are being treated differently may believe that the company is guilty of workplace discrimination. A man who works for Methodist Hospital claims that he was treated differently than his co-workers because he is black.

Facebook surrounded by accusations of employment discrimination

The creation of equality among people in the workplace has made significant progress over the last several decades. Unfortunately, it is still a problem that plagues employees in Texas and across the United States. Workers should be able to spend their time focusing on their careers instead of fighting against employment discrimination.

Former Red Robin worker alleges workplace discrimination

Those who frequent the Red Robin burger chain could be disturbed to hear some of the allegations being made against the company. Burger lovers in Texas and elsewhere may be surprised to hear that one of the employees was allegedly the victim of workplace discrimination because of his sexual orientation. Recently, the man filed a claim against the company and his supervisor after his complaints to human resources allegedly had fallen upon deaf ears.

GM Workers allege discrimination due to their religious beliefs

It is not uncommon for employees who are religious to request taking time off work for worship. Texas workers who are not given the right to take time away from work for religious holidays may feel that they are victims of religious discrimination because they are being denied accommodations. Recently, two General Motors employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company for disallowing unpaid leave for religious observance.

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