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Posts tagged "employment-related disputes"

Major US employer fights National Labor Relations Board complaint

Employees have many rights. Unfortunately, many employees do not fully understand what their rights are or what steps they should take to ensure their rights are honored. When employment disputes occur, it is typically a good idea to work closely with an attorney to ensure rights are protected. In many employment-related disputes, the very details of laws can make all of the difference in the outcome. Many of these laws are unique to employment law and many workers may be unfamiliar with them.

Laid-off Lockheed Martin workers may be due big severance checks

Our Texas readers might have read about the layoffs planned by Lockheed Martin that were announced back in November. Several plants are going to be closed, including one in Horizon City, Texas. The company, the largest defense contractor in the world, announced this week that it will pay about $175 million in severance to employees who are losing their jobs as a result.

Coach sues UT for discrimination after forced resignation

Issues of discrimination can sometimes lead to employment-related disputes, as in a current case involving the University of Texas. The ex-coach of the women's track and field team is alleging that she was forced to submit her resignation due to a hostile working environment.

Three things Texas employers must do to prevent sexual harassment

A Houston woman complained to her employer about her supervisor’s unwelcome sexual advances. She was transferred to another location, but the offending manager was never disciplined.  Was that enough? What about the coworkers left behind? Texas employers must do three things to protect employees from sexual harassment and minimize the risk of employment disputes.

Houston man accuses college of age discrimination, retaliation

A 66-year-old man is suing his former employer, the San Jacinto College District, for firing him because of his age. He filed suit in Houston and he alleges both age discrimination and retaliation. He is suing for an unspecified amount in damages. 

Denied overtime pay, worker sues former employer

Employees working in the minimum wage range face job-related challenges that often would seem to necessitate the assistance of an attorney. However, many people in this labor force demographic are just trying to keep the electricity going and put food on the table. They may not feel that they ought to contact an attorney to work out their employment-related disputes no matter how valid these disputes are.

Restaurant failed to protect employee privacy, complaint alleges

Imagine suffering through a debilitating illness that requires frequent doctor's appointments, medication, and time off from work. Now imagine having to share at least some of those details with your boss in order to justify the time off. While employers may require a note from your doctor in order to give you the time off you need, they have a duty to protect your privacy.

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