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Nekesha McCary claims she is owed more than $30k in back wages

Being a model may seem like a glamorous job, but, behind the scenes, it seems to be a different story. Many models in Texas and across the country may be dealing with the same issues as Nekesha McCary. She claims she is owed back wages because she was inappropriately classified as an independent contractor instead of as an employee.

Ex-Chipotle workers believe they were missing wages and overtime

Most employees are required to punch a clock before they begin working and when leaving after their shifts. Once they are no longer on the clock, they should not be working. If a Texas employer forces its workers to perform their duties while they are not being paid, the employees could be missing out on a considerable amount of wages and/or overtime.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon accused of a failure to pay overtime

Most larger companies do their best to be compliant with state and federal wage-and-hour laws. When individuals, especially those in power or those who are famous, hire employees, they may not believe that they are held to the same laws and may, as a result, fail to pay their workers appropriately. Such actions could lead to Texas workers accusing them of violating of wage-and-hour laws, as well as accusing them of a failure to pay overtime.

Fire captains accuse their city of a failure to pay overtime

In most companies, there will be times when the business becomes exceedingly busy. Workers may be expected to work above and beyond their standard hours. One of the benefits to the employees is that they should at least be compensated for their hard work. When this doesn't happen, the Texas company may have some very upset workers if there is a failure to pay overtime as required.

Mariah Carey accused of wage and hour law violations by worker

Although celebrities may be among the rich and famous, they are not above abiding by the law. Workers who serve the stars in Texas and across the country are entitled to be paid according to federal and state laws, just as any other employees. Unfortunately, many famous people violate wage and hour laws, possibly believing that they can get away with it, and the disgruntled employees may choose to turn to the courts to  pursue claims for lost wages.

Former oil employee sues for failure to pay overtime

Failure to pay overtime in Texas can have negative financial consequences for workers and may force them to begin questioning their rights as employees. A man who formerly worked in the oil fields as a full-time contractor recently filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for failure to pay overtime. The man claims that the company had intentionally misclassified employees in an attempt to avoid providing benefits and rightful pay.

Wage and hour theft affects Texas immigrant workers

An immigrant worker in Texas experienced wage and hour theft when his employer reportedly failed to compensate him and other contractors for his efforts. The situation occurred when the worker received his paycheck for a 40 hour work week and had only been paid $100. The man claims that while other workers felt demoralized, he became angry at what he saw as wage and hour theft.

Texas employer accused for failure to pay wages earned and due

An employer's failure to pay wages earned and due can financially harm a worker and their family and eventually lead to serious consequences for the business owner and operators. A federal court recently ruled that the owner of a Texas warehouse provide $12.3 million in restitution to former employees for the failure to pay wages earned and due. The group of workers previously employed by company claimed that they were regularly required to work more than 40 hours per week without compensation for overtime.

Lawsuit filed against employer for failure to pay overtime

Reports indicate that the number of wage theft victims in Texas and across the country continues to increase. Federal and state authorities believe they have seen an increase in the number of businesses that are accused of keeping rightful pay from employees from failure to pay overtime. Recently, people working as various warehouse personnel made a claim against their employer for the failure to pay overtime for extended hours they may have worked without compensation.

Migrant workers sue for violation of labor, wage and hour laws

A group of migrant workers recently made the decision to file a lawsuit against a seed company for violation of labor laws concerning migrant workers and federal wage and hour laws. Many of the victims claim they suffered the inappropriate conditions and missing pay while working at a production farm located in Texas. An employee that believes wage and hour laws have been broken may seek to enforce their rights by pursuing the missing income.

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