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Texas lawmaker proposes ban on sexual orientation discrimination

A state representative from San Antonio has introduced a bill into the Texas house of representatives that would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill would make Texas one of the new states to recognize this type of discrimination specifically and establish a protected class for employees with nonconforming gender identities. This is the sixth time that the representative has introduced this measure, and this time he believes that the chances of passage are higher than ever. This session a companion bill was also introduced to the state senate.

Texas county employees fired after reporting sexual harassment

Two Texas women were fired from their jobs after they reported that they were being sexually harassed by a county judge, according to an ongoing legal dispute between the former employees and the county.

Texas whistleblower case continues over altered records

A Texas woman who was previously employed as a county clerk is suing her former employer for whistleblower retaliation. According to a lawsuit filed in state court, the clerk was fired after she reported alteration of government records, death certificates specifically. Based on the information now available, it is unclear why the death certificates were altered.

Refusing to hire because of Sabbath observance still illegal

The EEOC has reaffirmed what many Texas readers already know - it is illegal to refuse to hire someone because of their religious observances. Employers have an obligation to make reasonable accommodations for current or potential employee's religious observances, including scheduling flexibility for employees that observe a part of the week during which they cannot work. For people of many different faiths, this day is called the Sabbath, and it generally lasts from sundown to sundown one day per week.

NHL makes new contract offer to players' union

Although Texas isn't a state known for outdoor hockey rinks, many people in the state enjoy watching or participating in the sport. That's why many were disappointed to learn that the Texas Stars season had been put on hold due to a player lockout this season.

Subtle bias may be leading to pregnancy, parenting discrimination

Many Texas readers are probably aware that pregnancy discrimination is still a major problem in this country despite the significant gains made in legal protections for pregnant employees. What many people do not know is that the discrimination often does not end when the employee returns to work, and that discrimination against employees who have significant parental responsibilities.

Texas whistleblower sues aircraft company for retaliation

A Texas woman who worked as a quality control manager working for Boeing says that she was fired from her job at the aircraft manufacturer after she reported to her supervisors that some planes made for military cargo shipping were not airworthy. She says that the company ordered her to violate federal safety laws and modify the documentation association with those plans so that they would be considered airworthy.

Dealing with age discrimination

Age discrimination is shockingly prevalent in the hiring process these days, despite the fact that it is illegal under state and federal employment laws. For many Texas job seekers, this can be incredibly frustrating and can make the difficult economy seem even worse.

Texas jury sides with former city worker in whistleblower case

A jury in Dallas, Texas, sided with a man who used to work for the city as an electrician in an employment law suit. The former employee of the city said that he was wrongfully terminated after he reported that a coworker was stealing city property.

Former NBA employee says league is hostile to moms

A former senior account manager for the NBA says that the basketball league discriminates against women with children. She filed suit in federal court recently asking for unspecified damages to compensate her for lost income after she was forced to quit her job at the NBA.

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