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Airline worker claims he was the victim of race discrimination

The rules that apply to one worker should apply to all of the workers. Employees in Texas may feel they are the victims of discrimination if they and their co-workers are not subjected to the same treatment. Fortunately, when workers cannot find solutions after discussing their feelings with their employers, they can turn to the law for help.

Worker cites workplace discrimination due to race

All employees should have the same opportunities and be held to the same standards, regardless of any protected status characteristic. Texas workers discover that they are being treated differently may believe that the company is guilty of workplace discrimination. A man who works for Methodist Hospital claims that he was treated differently than his co-workers because he is black.

Wal-Mart agrees to pay $150K for age discrimination accusations

Getting older happens to everyone, but being harassed about it with regard to employment is unacceptable.  Certain discriminatory practices as prescribed by law are illegal, and workers to turn to the justice system for help. Recently, a former manager for Wal-Mart Stores of Texas filed a lawsuit alleging that the company subjected him to age discrimination.

Woman claims that her termination was based upon discrimination

Regardless of a worker's age, race or any other protected status characteristics, all should be treated fairly, but that is not always the case. A former Texas employee of Central United Life claims that she lost her job due to discrimination. Before working for the company, the plaintiff had 14 years experience and was brought on as an associate manager. She was later promoted to department supervisor; however, during downsizing, some of the positions below here were eliminated, which left her to take the burden of responsibility for the department.

Race discrimination at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

Government positions in Texas and throughout the country should be places where race discrimination is nonexistent. Recent accusations against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were the instigating force behind an investigation into possible mistreatment of employees and a hostile work environment. A formal inquiry by the Government Accountability Office will investigate and determine whether the allegations of retaliation and racial discrimination are true. If so, legislators may address what steps are necessary to ensure that the misconduct is effectively prevented and not repeated.

Suit filed for gender discrimination in the workplace

Gender discrimination in Texas can come in many forms and make a victim feel a myriad of negative emotions. Daily exposure to this in addition to harassment and intimidation can mentally damage a person and begin to have physiological effects over time. A small group of women have come forward with accusations against their employer for gender discrimination and harassment they purportedly experienced.

Wal-Mart employee fired after being sexually harassed for years

Texas residents will want to hear about a despicable story coming out of Ohio about the treatment a developmentally disabled woman received as she worked for Wal-Mart. The woman, who worked for Wal-Mart for 11 years, was fired for complaining about the sexual harassment she was subjected to while working at her store.

Texas woman's FMLA claim denied because of late notification

Federal laws are in place to protect workers' rights in Texas and throughout the country. In particular, the Family and Medical Leave Act is designed to protect workers' employment when unexpected medical issues arise, including pregnancy, illness or the need to care for a family member. But to take advantage of these important benefits, Texans need to be aware of the relevant filing deadlines and paperwork.

After reporting harassment, woman says she suffered hostile workplace

Workplace sexual harassment cases are unsettling for a lot of reasons. The victim doesn't want the sexual advances to occur; the perpetrator can often become illogically upset about the situation, and the workplace, in general, greatly suffers. The tension can unsettle the workforce and create a less productive workplace.

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