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Posts tagged "Workplace Discrimination"

Gender discrimination lawsuit filed against food distributor

A food distributor in another state has been sued for allegedly treating women unfairly during the hiring process. This is considered gender discrimination, and it is illegal according to federal law. Any company that engages in this type of discrimination in the state of Texas may be held financially responsible through the civil justice system.

Alleged race discrimination toward Asians sparks lawsuit

A startup in another state is currently being sued for discriminating against job applicants who are Asian. Race discrimination, which is illegal, remains a serious problem in Texas and other states. Fortunately, those who perpetrate this type of workplace discrimination may be held liable in civil court.

Workplace discrimination based on weight remains an issue

New research shows that both men and women are victims of mistreatment in the workplace based on weight, although women experience it at higher levels. This is true even if they have body mass indexes, or BMIs, in what is considered the healthy range. Fortunately, people in Texas who face workplace discrimination have the right to seek to hold their employers accountable.

Race discrimination lawsuit filed against Chipotle

Chipotle is facing yet another lawsuit in another state. A former worker at the eatery filed a race discrimination lawsuit on a recent Tuesday after claiming that the restaurant fired her for complaining about the preferential treatment that other employees were reportedly receiving. Anyone in Texas and other states who has experienced this type of discrimination in the workplace is entitled to file a lawsuit against his or her employer.

Pregnancy discrimination subject receives little attention

The subject of pregnancy in the workplace has not received much attention in the current presidential election. Nonetheless, pregnancy discrimination on the job remains a real issue for women in Texas and other states. Fortunately, those who experience this type of discrimination retain the right to take legal action against their employers.

Gender discrimination suit filed against police department

A city in another state has been named in a discrimination lawsuit filed by a woman who claims to have been passed over for a promotion due to her gender. Also named in the gender discrimination suit are the city mayor and police chief. Employers in Texas and other states who discriminate against employees on the basis of protected classes, such as gender, may be held financially responsible through the civil court system.

Man awarded $500,000 in race discrimination suit

A Black man in another state who filed a lawsuit against his employer was recently awarded half a million dollars in a jury trial. The amount was $100,000 higher than what the man had sought in his race discrimination case. Workplace discrimination can happen for various reasons in Texas and other states, but it is illegal, and its victims are eligible for monetary compensation if it was intentional.

Woman awarded $550,000 in pregnancy discrimination case

Being mistreated or fired simply because one is pregnant is illegal and is grounds for a lawsuit in Texas. In one recent out-of-state case, a woman filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against her employer, Chipotle, after she was terminated because of her pregnancy. She was recently awarded punitive and compensatory damages totaling $550,000.

Man files race discrimination suit against Exxon Mobil

When people in Texas are racially discriminated against in the workplace, they naturally may feel violated and humiliated. However, they have the right to take legal actions against their employers. One black man in another state recently sued his employer, alleging race discrimination.

White woman files employment discrimination lawsuit

Because employment discrimination on the basis of race is illegal in Texas and across the country, it is within the rights of any job seeker or employee who has been treated differently due to his or her race to seek justice through the legal system. A teacher in another state recently sued her employer, alleging  employment discrimination. According to the lawsuit, the woman, who is Caucasian and does not speak Spanish, was turned down for a position that required her to teach one hour of Spanish each day.

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