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Texas severance agreements may depend on US Supreme Court ruling

When workers are offered severance agreements by their employers, there are many factors to consider before they accept the package as offered. For example, there may be other claims the employees will be giving up by accepting the agreements. There may be additional benefits the employees deserve that are not included in the employer offered package. Another issue arises as to whether or not severance pay is taxed by the Internal Revenue Service under the terms of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, better known as FICA.

Employees are entitled to the wages owed them for work completed

Many businesses experience down times when their financial problems seem to outweigh the benefits to staying in business. Most of them are able to keep their money woes out of the media. Not so with San Antonio’s only professional football team, the Talons, who moved to San Antonio just two years ago. The move has not created the boost to business the team was hoping for. Game attendance has been poor and the team is having trouble paying its creditors.

San Antonio retirees may face reduction in health care benefits

Recent independent studies were made by several different research organizations concerning San Antonio’s retirement plan for its city workers. The good news is that the city’s pension plan ranks with the best-funded programs of all large cities in the U.S. The bad news is that there is a problem with the funding for retirement health care benefits.

Texas EMS workers are not satisfied with new contract

Emergency medical workers in Austin-Travis County fought hard for a new contract, but a recent news report indicates that their new agreement lacks the one condition they really want – shorter weekly work hours. It is a case that highlights some of the difficulties of employment disputes, as workers are often forced to accept conditions imposed by their employers.

Texas district attorney embroiled in high-profile salary dispute

Being a district attorney pays well in Texas, especially in certain counties. That is at least the case for Joe Shannon, the former state representative that was appointed as Tarrant County’s DA in 2009 by Gov. Rick Perry. His case may be one of the highest profile employment-related disputes the state will resolve this year, with employment benefits and overall compensation in question.

Strikes highlight wage theft in fast food jobs

Strikes taking place in major cities across the United States are drawing attention to a major problem for many workers - wage theft. Workers who are staging these protests are asking not only for a higher wage but also for the ability to organize without facing retaliation. 

Lawsuit challenges benefits for partners of government employees

A Texas judge recently declined to enact an injunction on benefits for government employee's same-sex partners in McAllen County. The motion for an injunction was brought as a part of a pending case challenging the county's decision to offer health benefits to same-sex couples just as they do for legally married couples. The injunction sought to put a hold on benefits currently being provided to same-sex couples.

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