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Can I get out of my non-compete agreement?

The reason why companies ask their employees to sign non-compete agreements is obvious. They don't want to hire an executive who goes on to steal the contracts and start a company of his or her own. On many levels, it would be unethical for someone to do this, but that would not prevent an unscrupulous business person from taking advantage of the situation. Non-compete agreements are a way for corporations to protect themselves from situations like this.

Job termination is not the end of your employee rights

Most people equate the loss of a job with the end of their income, health insurance and other employee rights. Imagine losing your job after more than 10 years of loyal service. How are you going to pay your mortgage or make your car payments? What if it takes months to find another job that offers a comparable salary?

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Texas mothers may have noticed a more open policy in society regarding pregnant women in the workplace. More employers are offering longer leaves related to pregnancy and childbirth. They are also offering lactation rooms for nursing mothers. However, pregnancy can still adversely affect some female workers.

Woman claims discrimination after taking family leave

Officials in Swisher County are embroiled in a lawsuit brought by a former employee who says she was fired in retaliation for a series of events that resulted in criminal charges against her employer. The woman claims she faced discrimination for taking family leave to cope with job-related stress and a child's illness.

Misclassification as contractors hurts government, employees

When is an employee not an employee? It depends on how a worker is classified by an employer. Full-time employees are eligible for benefits -- and are also required to be paid overtime, where applicable, and fair wages. Employers must also pay insurance and employment taxes for full-time employees, which can add up to significant expenses for businesses.

Did Texas company fire worker just because she was pregnant?

A Texas woman is suing her former employer for terminating her employment while on maternity leave. In addition to her wrongful termination claim, the woman states that, while still at work, she was treated differently from other employees for training and development opportunities because of her pregnancy.

Rally for higher wages takes place in downtown Houston

Earlier this week, people rallied in downtown Houston to encourage employers to pay workers more than minimum wage. The minimum wage here in Texas is tied to the federal minimum wage, which is currently set at $7.25 an hour. The federal minimum has not been increased for four years, but the Minimum Wage Act of 2013 is currently working its way through Congress, and if passed it would raise the federal minimum to $10.10 an hour.

For Texas women, fight to end discrimination continues

It was recently announced that Governor Rick Perry vetoed a new law that could have aided women in the fight to achieve equal pay within the workplace. The measure before him would have mirrored a federal law that gives women easier access to the legal system in the event that they are unfairly compensated within the workplace by acts of discrimination. In ending the bill, Perry made a statement that the decision could have the effect of resulting in more lawsuits and increased regulations.

Texas court says no to right to representative for state workers

The Texas Supreme Court has said no to extending the right to a union representative for state workers in meetings with managers. Under current federal laws, employee's right to "concerted activities" under the National Labor Relations Act allows federal and private-sector workers to have a union representative accompany them to meeting with management that could result in disciplinary actions.

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