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Woman seeks over $200,000 for her sexual harassment claim

In the event that an employee is subjected to unwanted advances, it is the company's responsibility to protect the worker and prevent the incident from recurring. No one should be expected to work in an environment that does not deter sexual harassment. If a Texas worker speaks out about such behavior and nothing is done to rectify the situation, he or she may turn to the law for justice.

Salesman claims he lost his job for reporting sexual harassment

In accordance with the law, all employees should be permitted to work in an environment that is free from any type of questionable behavior. If any type of harassment or unwanted advances occur, the issues should immediately be remedied to prevent them from continuing, but that is not always the way events unfold. Unfortunately, there are cases in which Texas workers may be fired as an act of retaliation for speaking out about sexual harassment.

Reporting workplace sexual harassment in Texas

Some victims of workplace sexual harassment may have anxiety about reporting the incident for fear of retaliation or termination by their employer. State and federal laws exist to help protect employees from being abused or mistreated at work in any context and may offer protection to a person who decides to make a report. A victim of workplace sexual harassment in Texas may therefore question why this behavior continues to remain prevalent in a professional atmosphere.

Texas woman possibly fired in retaliation for reporting abuse

Sexual harassment cases seem to be pretty commonplace, particularly in fields that are generally dominated by men. Even though there are laws in place, in Texas and across the country, to stop this harassment from happening, there are still a large number of sexual harassment cases filed every year. One of the most recent to come forward involves a woman in Texas who alleges she was fired in retaliation for reporting abuse to the company owner.

Employer liable for sexual harassment in Texas in certain cases

Employees may enjoy the challenge of going to work each day and striving to impress their bosses -- enough to get them a raise. However, when they are singled out due to their sex and are harassed on this basis in Texas, the work environment can easily become unpleasant. A recent article explains why employers should be cognizant of how their supervisors treat their employees as far as sexual harassment is concerned.

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