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Posts tagged "Wage and Hour Laws"

Certain employees may soon be eligible for overtime wages

Under current federal regulations, salaried employees who make over a certain amount of money are not eligible for overtime. This means that many white-collar employees, such as managers, work extensive hours for which they do not get paid. In response to this, the Obama administration has proposed new amendments to federal labor regulations that would raise the salary limits and could make these employees eligible for overtime wages.

Walmart could be faced with paying nearly $150M in unpaid wages

The nation's largest private employer -- Walmart -- is once again in the headlines over wage issues with its workers. Many retail shoppers in Texas and elsewhere may be shocked to hear the way the company pays its truck drivers. Even though the company allegedly has some of the highest paid drivers in the industry, with annual wages at around $100,000, they are still not receiving all the wages that they believe they are owed.

Bloomberg workers accuse the company of wage and hour violations

All companies want to run as efficiently as possible. One way to keep costs under control is to closely monitor the company's payroll and make adjustments when necessary. While many Texas companies can find ways to do this legally; unfortunately, other companies deal with this issue in ways that could be considered wage and hour violations.

Nonexempt janitors worked 80-hour weeks, did not get full overtime

One very common dispute that employees have with their employers has to do with wages. The dispute is not necessarily the wage itself (though a raise would be nice); but the way in which it is administered. If an employee is told that they have to work overtime, and they do it, then they should expect their next paycheck to reflect that overtime. However, some employers try to skimp out of that overtime pay by classifying employees in a certain way, or outright neglecting to apply an overtime rate to an employee that worked overtime.

Discrimination, wage disputes to rise according to attorneys

According to a survey of lawyers in the United States and the United Kingdom, employment claims pertaining to workplace discrimination and wage and hour disputes are only going to increase as 2013 wanders on.

Texas construction workers are widely misclassified

We have talked about the issues involving misclassifying employees before on this blog. This happens when an employee is labeled as a contractor or paid "under the table" or "off the books," when really they should be an official employee. It is a practice that almost always hurts the employee while benefitting the employer. In many cases, the employee is not even aware that the misclassification occurs.

Wage gap still exists 50 years after Equal Pay Act

Even though this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, mandating that women be paid as much as men, statistics show that women are still earning less on average. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in Texas and the rest of the United States earned a little over 82.2 cents for every dollar earned by men in 2011.

Wage theft: an illegal and all too common tactic by employers

One of the most common ways people get stolen from is not necessarily from a man in a black ski mask, asking for their wallet or purse. No, it's actually from the smiling faces that represent the company they work for, skimming money off the top of their paycheck, or simply misclassifying their employee status to financial benefit the business.

Labor Department investigations uncover many workplace violations

Many workers in Texas who do not have high-paying jobs may feel as though they have no options if they are being treated unfairly by their employers. People who work in service industry jobs such as busboys, servers or cooks often don't have many options for other kinds of jobs.

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