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Military and federal workers entitled to FMLA benefits

When the Supreme Court overturned Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, it opened the door for partners in same-sex marriages to access benefits previously unavailable to them. For same-sex couples in San Antonio, that decision is finally bearing fruit. The Office of Personnel Management recently issued a memo detailing how the decision affects benefits available to same-sex partners of federal employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Former employee claims discrimination against his shy bladder

There are many instances of employment discrimination based on disability in Texas and around the country. In many cases, these are violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. But what is defined as a disability? The disorder that a Texas man is claiming might catch some people off-guard.

Blind Texas employee cites disability discrimination

Coming back to work after a disability leave can be tough. It was especially so for a legally blind Texas woman who claims that her employer refused her request for reasonable accommodations.

Did Texas company fire worker just because she was pregnant?

A Texas woman is suing her former employer for terminating her employment while on maternity leave. In addition to her wrongful termination claim, the woman states that, while still at work, she was treated differently from other employees for training and development opportunities because of her pregnancy.

Overweight employees could be fined for poor health

Health care costs have always and will always be a primary concern for employers. According to analysts, the 2013 average health care cost for one employee will sit around $11,000 -- and it shows no signs of declining. Considering the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (which will come into full effect soon, and has already impacted the health care industry), employers are changing their health care policies to align (and, in some cases, take advantage of) the new rules.

Workplace protections for smokers lag far behind the times

As we have discussed numerous times -- and as we would hope businesses and organizations would have learned by now -- discrimination in the workplace is not only unacceptable but illegal. There are myriad classes of people that are protected by local and federal laws. Everyone has the right to pursue a career, and inhibiting that right based on an external factor (such as race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, to name a few) is wrong.

Pregnant women face difficult reality in the workplace

In 1978, Congress passed a key piece of legislation called the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which granted pregnant women equal rights to everyone else in the workplace. Prior to the law, pregnant women would be fired just for trying to start a family. However, the legacy of the law is actually problematic: because it does not require employers to make accommodations for pregnant employees, it can still create an unfair workplace.

Dillard's settles with EEOC over health discrimination lawsuit

Texas residents are very familiar with Dillard's, a higher-end retailer that is heavily concentrated in the Lone Star State. The company gives off an air of class -- but, as it turns out, their employment practices behind the curtain are far less respectable than that appearance.

How to recognize workplace discrimination of military veterans

With Veterans Day just around the corner, many residents in Houston, across Texas and all around the U.S. will celebrate the service of past and present military members. Their selfless act to protect the country is greatly appreciated, and it deserves praise and respect.

Is arrested Halliburton exec protected from action by contract?

Employee contracts serve a very important purpose here in the state of Texas. We are an "at-will employment" state, which means that a company or worker can terminate their employment relationship at any time for any reason -- unless they have entered into a contract. This contract sets forth new rules, which both parties agree to, that override the base laws set forth under "at-will employment" guidelines.

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