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Personality tests can put applicant at a disadvantage

After weeks and months looking for a job, finally attaining that new job is an incredibly proud and fulfilling moment for an applicant. Given these tough economic times, this sentiment is amplified even further. Once you get that job, the last thing you want to hear is that the offer has been revoked due to a technicality.

Lawsuit says Texas company withheld wages from disabled workers

There are certain rights that you have as an employee that should not be infringed upon, and one of the most important of these is your right to fair and equitable wages. Your pay cannot be tampered with by your employee, nor can they utilize tactics to illegally short you when payday comes around.

Employee rights issue brewing as hospital refuses to hire smokers

When someone decides to smoke cigarettes, they are free to make that choice. When someone hires a job applicant, they cannot make the decisions based on biased or discriminatory factors.

CFO fired for leaking 'company information through social media'

A few weeks ago, we discussed the dangers posed to employees (prospective or current) by posting potentially costly information on social networking sites for all to see (such as an employer -- again, prospective or current). It is a particularly important topic when you consider that some lawmakers are trying to get your Facebook login and password, and that the National Labor Relations Board says that many companies use social media policies that are "unlawfully broad."

Religious discrimination claimed in Texas IHOP firings

It doesn't matter what rung of the company ladder a person happens to stand on, the law in Texas and the rest of the United States makes it clear you can't be discriminated against on the basis of color, race or national origin. Religious affiliation carries protected status, as well. When those rights are violated, an attorney can help protect them and make the case for appropriate compensation.

Will Austin go to city's limits to get bigger bite of Apple?

On its face, it would seem that Austin has a lot going for it as it tries to get a commitment from Apple Inc. to build the company's latest campus expansion in the capital city. Austin already plays host to about 3,500 Apple Americas Operations jobs, mostly in the areas of sales, administration and finance. And the computer technology juggernaut is looking to expand those operations.

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