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Texan man accuses former employer of wrongful termination

A Texas man recently filed a lawsuit against his previous place of business for what he believes to have been wrongful termination as a result of racial discrimination. As the situation escalated, the victim looked to fill another position within the company but was not promoted or transferred. He believes this may be attributed to direct retaliation that resulted in a wrongful termination.

Texas man pursues wrongful termination suit

Suffering wrongful termination can be difficult for a seasoned professional that has worked hard to get where they are. The financial strain and embarrassment that may accompany the difficult experience can leave a victim with anger, many questions and searching for relief. A man that previously worked as the assistant principal for a Texas high school recently made the decision to continue to press forward in an attempt to prove he suffered a wrongful termination.

Texas meteorologist sues for violation of employee rights

Employee rights are protected through laws like the Federal Medical Leave Act and other regulations to protect a person’s position if they miss work due to illness. A Texas employee who has suffered medical problems due to their work conditions may have anxiety about job security and financial strain. A Texas television meteorologist recently filed a lawsuit on the federal level against his employer for numerous grievances regarding his employee rights.

Employee rights may protect against harassment in Texas

Employee rights can protect a worker from a number of injustices -- harassment being one of them. When employee rights are violated through lack of protection in the workplace or wrongful termination, a Texas worker may question his or her ability to stand up against the injustice. A woman who recently experienced harassment while on the job has made the decision to pursue legal action against the party she believes is responsible.

Court decides ruling for wrongful termination in Texas

A Texas employee who witnesses an illegal or immoral act in the workplace may have conflicting feelings over reporting the information. Fear of wrongful termination or employer retaliation can sometimes be difficult to overcome when deciding to act with integrity and make a report. A recent Supreme Court ruling decreed that employees who testify regarding public concerns that include corruption are protected from wrongful termination in response.

Jury awards $183,000 for wrongful termination

Most companies in Texas have employee handbooks, policies and procedures in place to inform their workers about company regulations expectations. One item typically included within such a handbook is disciplinary procedures and steps that will be taken in the event that a worker chooses not to follow company policies and rules. It is reasonable to expect workers to abide by the information contained within the employee handbook. A jury in another state has also indicated that the company is responsible for abiding by the information contained within this same employee handbook. It returned a verdict in favor of the employee in her wrongful termination claim against her employer.

Settlement proposed for wrongful termination suit

An employee that voices safety concerns that ends in wrongful termination may feel confusion regarding their rights in Texas. A person who has suffered professional damage from their previous place of employment may choose to investigate their options for severance. A woman recently reached a preliminary settlement with her former employer for her alleged wrongful termination.

Texas college accused of wrongful termination

A worker with seniority that has suffered wrongful termination may feel confused and frustrated following the loss of their job. A person may question their ability to fight against the injustice and may seek to better understand their rights as an employee. Texas Southmost College was recently accused of wrongful termination when three former employees claim they lost their job due to their advanced age.

Texas universities sued by employees for wrongful termination

Two Texas universities -- the University of Texas Brownsville (UTB) and The Southmost College (TSC) -- are facing lawsuits for wrongful termination. The Texas Faculty Association (TFA) is acting on behalf of three professors who claim wrongful termination. They were all three tenured at the time that they were fired.

Employee rights after a work accident questioned in Texas

Employee rights have recently come into question after a Texas work accident with BNSF Railway. After a man was injured on the job, he challenged the way that his employer handled his situation. When injured on the job, employee rights may include compensation and time off, among other things.

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