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Facing wrongful termination in Texas?

If a law has been violated in the process of your termination from employment, you may have grounds to pursue legal action. Though Texas is considered an at-will state, you may consider filing a wrongful termination legal claim if an employer broke a law when he or she fired you. If you are uncertain as to whether your employer has violated the law, a legal professional with experience in employment law will be able to help you determine that issue.

Gemma Power accused of the wrongful termination of an employee

Employees in Texas and elsewhere who are doing the same job, when all other factors are equal, should receive the same rate of pay. Many workers are unknowingly underpaid, but those who discover discrepancies have every right to question their employers to try to resolve the issues. Bringing up disparate treatment in the workplace should never result in disciplinary measures. Unfortunately, one recent case claims that unfair disciplinary measures were taken to the extreme, resulting in one man's wrongful termination

Woman accused bank of a Family Medical Leave Act violation

Companies in Texas that have more than 50 employees must abide by the federal Family Medical Leave Act when qualified employees need to use their benefits. It is against the law for employers to retaliate against workers who take advantage of their approved leave. A woman from another state claims that she lost her job after she used some of her unpaid, law-protected leave time under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Ex UNT lecturer files for wrongful termination against district

The principal lecturer of the Department of Religion and Philosophy at the University of North Texas claims that after an incident with a student, he lost his job unjustly. He has filed a claim in a federal court and has named the school and a number of upper administrators as defendants in his wrongful termination suit. Although his complaint cannot change what has already been done to his reputation, he is hoping that his case will bring him some form of retribution.

Woman alleges violation of the Family Medical Leave Act

Even though the Family Medical Leave act has been in place since 1993, there are still employers in Texas and elsewhere that do not abide by the law when the benefit is used. An employee of the Cabell County Commission in another state claims that her rights were violated when she used her benefits under the Family Medical Leave Act. She has now filed a federal lawsuit to attempt to right the injustices against her.

Worker claims AT&T violated the Family Medical Leave Act

There are several employment laws in place to protect workers when they suffer from illnesses that take them away from work for extended periods of time. One of the most common is the Family Medical Leave Act, which allows employees to take a specified amount of time away from work when their conditions or situations fall within the covered parameters of the law. Texas workers who take advantage of any of these laws and then suffer disability discrimination or retaliation because of them may decide to look to the law to protect them.

Worker claims entitlement to benefits under severance agreement

It is difficult for workers when they lose their jobs, regardless of the reasons. Some companies may offer employees a severance agreement in an effort to give them some income while they attempt to find new employment. When Texas workers are denied this money without just cause, some may choose to stand up and try to claim what they believe is rightfully owed to them.

Texas veterinarian fights alleged wrongful termination

There are some people who have a desire to ensure that animals are treated properly. As a result, they choose to go into a field that involves providing care for animals. Unfortunately, one veterinarian in Texas claims in a wrongful termination suit that he was fired for looking after the best interests of the animals he was hired to protect.

Settlement reached for wrongful termination suit in Texas

An employer that makes the decision to terminate a staff member because of the staff member's personal opinions or expression of thoughts may be guilty of wrongful termination. A person that experiences an unfair job loss could suffer professional and financial damages. An art gallery director formerly employed at a Texas university recently agreed to a settlement for the lawsuit he pursued after experiencing what he believed to be wrongful termination.

Texas company sentenced for wrongful use of employment contracts

Texas radio and media companies may often ask employees to sign non-compete employment contracts as a way to protect intellectual property. When these contracts are abused and used as a means to discriminate against or injure a worker, a business may face serious consequences. A jury recently determined that a company's selective way of enforcing non-compete employment contracts was discriminatory against two former employees.

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