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Railroad worker allegedly faced retaliation following an accident

Accidents in the workplace can be tragic, especially when they could have been prevented. Texas employees who have seen an accident take place that was caused by unsafe practices may wish to report it to bring the situation to light so that it never happens again. Such acts are not always rewarded, and the workers may face retaliation from their employers for speaking up about the incident.

Texas whistleblower claims he was the victim of retaliation

Employees in Texas and elsewhere who see suspicious activity in the workplace may report the incident to their superiors to try to have it corrected. Although protected by law, whistleblowing is not always well received by a company. In some cases, companies may go so far as to subject whistleblowers to retaliation after they report illegal situations, but, fortunately, there is legal help available for whistleblowers.

Former city employee believes retaliation cause of her job loss

Whistleblowers play an important role in Texas workplaces. When illegal or unjust activities are occurring behind the doors of a business, employees are often placed in the uncomfortable position of complying or losing their job. Unfortunately, whistleblowers often have to deal with retaliation following such a report.

Retaliation among military victims

Making a claim that accuses a colleague or superior of harassment or assault may be daunting for a Texas service person. Military men and women may have questions regarding how to report sexual assault, and they may have fears of retaliation if they make the decision to speak out. A recent report outlined a potential problem that exists among those who do make a claim and the possible retaliation with which they could be forced to deal.

Woman in Texas sues County Clerk's Office for retaliation

Retaliation against a whistleblower in Texas can have serious legal consequences for a company in the event it is found liable for the action. Reports indicate that requests to move a whistleblower lawsuit filed against a Texas County Clerk's Office for retaliation to federal court was recently made. The Civil Legal Division within the country filed a formal notice requesting that the case be moved.

Man awarded for whistleblower action against Texas company

Making the decision to take whistleblower action can be daunting for a contractor or tenured employee. Exposing a deceptive company for practices that can seriously harm or kill other people may be a necessity for some people and may lead them to seek professional guidance. A man working as a guardrail installer was recently awarded $175 million by a federal jury after he suspected fraudulent practices by a Texas rail manufacturer and took whistleblower action.

Texas woman claims demotion was retaliation

There are many legitimate reasons to fire an employee. If that employee is unreliable and not capable of completing the job tasks for which they were hired or commits some sort of illegal behavior related to the workplace, firing them would be a legitimate option. However, it is illegal to fire someone in retaliation for reporting what is believed to be illegal behavior. In a recent lawsuit, one woman in Texas claims she was demoted in retaliation for reporting illegal activities.

Texas employer accused of retaliation by OSHA

Retaliation in the workplace can occur when an employer does not want to provide rightful benefits or accept responsibility for a situation. This practice is illegal and can seriously harm an honest worker. A person may question their ability to report the mistreatment and how they should approach the problem. A company based out of Texas was recently investigated by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration and found liable for retaliation against a former employee.

Fort Worth area educator suing for wrongful termination

A Fort Worth area educator claims that he is a victim of wrongful termination. The Texas man has taken legal action against the school system, and a trial over his termination is scheduled to begin shortly. Additionally, the man has added his name to a lawsuit against the school system for defamation and other issues.

Texas worker's post-injury firing claimed to be retaliation

When you're injured on the job, you are expected to seek out medical assistance to take care of your wounds. However, it's not expected that you'll be fired after the injury in an act of retaliation by your employer. Yet one Texas worker is claiming retaliation is exactly what occurred after he essentially blew the proverbial whistle on a job-related accident.

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