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Lobbyist seeking at least $1M for her sexual harassment lawsuit

After being allegedly subjected to improper conduct in the workplace, a female lobbyist has had enough. The woman worked for the American Association of Landmen in Texas and is accusing the executive vice president of sexual harassment. She claims that she wanted to do her job and be left alone, but after more than a year of the abuse, she could not take it anymore.

Former employee sues for sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in a Texas workplace can be destructive and harmful to victims and their colleagues. An employer who does not properly handle a harassment situation may be held liable for any resulting damages. A man recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer for what he believes was sexual harassment and discrimination.

Protection from retaliation for reporting abuse in Texas

When a person works for a Texas organization or company in a contracted position, they may be protected by similar rights and regulations that permanent employees are entitled to, including retaliation for reporting alleged abuse. An employer may choose to forgo the renewal of a contract for personal reasons, prejudices or retaliation for reporting abuse and leave a previously contracted employee professionally damaged. Some companies may believe they do not have to adhere to certain practices or requirements regarding termination and renewal for their contracted workers.

Texas judge claims sexual harassment, retaliation

Each person wants to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. However, when an individual becomes the victim of sexual harassment, he or she feels anything but respected: The person typically feels violated and unfair advantage was taken. Sexual harassment is a real problem in Texas at companies when employers attempt to abuse their power and exploit employees on the basis of sex. When this happens, the person who has been harassed can pursue legal action.

Employer liable for sexual harassment in Texas in certain cases

Employees may enjoy the challenge of going to work each day and striving to impress their bosses -- enough to get them a raise. However, when they are singled out due to their sex and are harassed on this basis in Texas, the work environment can easily become unpleasant. A recent article explains why employers should be cognizant of how their supervisors treat their employees as far as sexual harassment is concerned.

Texas hairstylists sue Hair Club for sexual harassment

Whenever a professional experiences unwanted advancements from a colleague of the opposite sex, it could become the start of a sexual harassment suit. That's why it's so important that all workers behave in a professional manner. Otherwise, a sexual harassment charge like the one alleged against the Hair Club for Men, a.k.a. Aderans American Holdings Inc., by a number of Texas hairstylists could occur.

Sexual harassment in military not limited to Texas scandals

The high-profile military sexual harassment and abuse scandals that rocked Texas at Fort Hood and Lackland Air Force base are only the tip of the iceberg, report women who have entered into the military as their chosen professions. Roughly 6.1 percent can expect to experience some kind of sexual harassment after they enlist. This figure represents around five times more than the sexual harassment risk of an average working female in the United States.

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