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Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

Texas mothers may have noticed a more open policy in society regarding pregnant women in the workplace. More employers are offering longer leaves related to pregnancy and childbirth. They are also offering lactation rooms for nursing mothers. However, pregnancy can still adversely affect some female workers.

Pregnant women are experiencing discrimination at work

A recent survey by the National Partnership for Women & Families revealed that most women continue to work while they are pregnant. An astonishing number of employers do not accommodate their needs before or after giving birth. While the Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide time off to employees who have health issues and are pregnant, the letter of the law is not always followed.

Did Texas company fire worker just because she was pregnant?

A Texas woman is suing her former employer for terminating her employment while on maternity leave. In addition to her wrongful termination claim, the woman states that, while still at work, she was treated differently from other employees for training and development opportunities because of her pregnancy.

Oprah Winfrey Network under fire for pregnancy discrimination

The Oprah Winfrey Network was launched in Jan. 2011, and while it may not be the powerhouse TV channel that some Houston residents thought it would be, it still carries the Oprah brand. Even for all of Oprah's talents, though, she needs capable, hard-working people at her network to make OWN a success. It appeared the network had a rising star in Carolyn Hommel, who was hired before the network launched and believed she was being groomed for a vice president role.

Pregnant women face difficult reality in the workplace

In 1978, Congress passed a key piece of legislation called the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which granted pregnant women equal rights to everyone else in the workplace. Prior to the law, pregnant women would be fired just for trying to start a family. However, the legacy of the law is actually problematic: because it does not require employers to make accommodations for pregnant employees, it can still create an unfair workplace.

Texas woman alleges discrimination after second pregnancy

While pregnancy can be a trying time for most women, it is also a beautiful and celebratory time. Having a child completes a married couple's dream of having a family. What pregnancy is not supposed to be is a nightmare -- and if a Texas woman's discrimination lawsuit is true, her employer will be guilty of treating the woman in an illegal manner after she found out she was pregnant for the second time in two years.

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