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Ruby Tuesday accused of discrimination due to hiring decisions

There are very few instances in which the law would make a concession for any type of sex discrimination in the workplace. Ruby Tuesday Inc. made the error of believing that its situation would allow for a form of sex discrimination being acceptable under the law. Patrons of the restaurant in Texas and elsewhere may be disappointed to hear about the way in which the company was making decisions for summer jobs that were available in another state.

GM Workers allege discrimination due to their religious beliefs

It is not uncommon for employees who are religious to request taking time off work for worship. Texas workers who are not given the right to take time away from work for religious holidays may feel that they are victims of religious discrimination because they are being denied accommodations. Recently, two General Motors employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company for disallowing unpaid leave for religious observance.

Wal-Mart agrees to pay $150K for age discrimination accusations

Getting older happens to everyone, but being harassed about it with regard to employment is unacceptable.  Certain discriminatory practices as prescribed by law are illegal, and workers to turn to the justice system for help. Recently, a former manager for Wal-Mart Stores of Texas filed a lawsuit alleging that the company subjected him to age discrimination.

Man alleges discrimination after losing job at Texas store

In the current economic climate, many people seem to have difficulty obtaining steady employment. Recently, one Texas man who had held the same position for 19 years is claiming discrimination after being fired from that position. He has filed a civil suit against his former employer over the matter.

Discrimination lawsuit against Houston employer

It can be difficult and stressful for a victim to do their job when discrimination in the workplace is present. When the abuse is perpetrated by management, a person may question their job security and how they should manage the situation. A discrimination lawsuit against a Houston media company will move forward after being recently reviewed by a judge.

Gender discrimination lawsuit against Texas company is appealed

Gender discrimination can be a toxic practice in the workplace, creating a tense atmosphere where victims suffer needlessly. An employee in Texas that is victimized by gender discrimination may decide to voice their concerns in an attempt to end the discrimination and hold the employer responsible. A woman who believes she suffered gender discrimination filed a claim against her employer after she was terminated.

Disabled workers suffered abuse and workplace discrimination

Two Texas men who both suffer from mental impairment are the surviving victims of a situation that rendered them both helpless against workplace discrimination and abuse. A person who suffers oppression in the workplace may question their rights as an employee as they make the decision to speak up. The workplace discrimination that the abused workers suffered may have inflicted lifelong difficulties on the men.

Texas school district gets attention for race discrimination

Race discrimination can be terrible for a victim to experience and can cause long-term emotional and professional damage. A person who has suffered harassment because of their ethnicity may question his or her rights as an employee. A Texas school district has been exposed for potential staff-led racism in the form of iconic decor used at a party and for deliberate racial discrimination against a former employee.

Suit filed for gender discrimination in the workplace

Gender discrimination in Texas can come in many forms and make a victim feel a myriad of negative emotions. Daily exposure to this in addition to harassment and intimidation can mentally damage a person and begin to have physiological effects over time. A small group of women have come forward with accusations against their employer for gender discrimination and harassment they purportedly experienced.

Texas woman files lawsuit for race discrimination

An employee that suffers race discrimination while working may feel confused and demeaned. Some people may find it difficult to report or pursue action for fear of losing their job or being professionally damaged. A Texas woman who purportedly became a victim to race discrimination made the choice to seek action and bring the inappropriate behavior to a stop.

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