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Cinemark and Simply Right accused of wage and hour violations

When people go to the movies, they typically take for granted all the hard work being done behind the scenes by the janitors to keep the theaters clean. It appears that, in some cases, the cleaning companies and the theater owners also take the hard work for granted. A group of janitors who worked for a company that cleans for the Texas-based movie giant Cinemark allege that they are the victims of several wage and hour violations, resulting in them going forward with a lawsuit.

Nekesha McCary claims she is owed more than $30k in back wages

Being a model may seem like a glamorous job, but, behind the scenes, it seems to be a different story. Many models in Texas and across the country may be dealing with the same issues as Nekesha McCary. She claims she is owed back wages because she was inappropriately classified as an independent contractor instead of as an employee.

Former oil employee sues for failure to pay overtime

Failure to pay overtime in Texas can have negative financial consequences for workers and may force them to begin questioning their rights as employees. A man who formerly worked in the oil fields as a full-time contractor recently filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for failure to pay overtime. The man claims that the company had intentionally misclassified employees in an attempt to avoid providing benefits and rightful pay.

Wage and hour theft affects Texas immigrant workers

An immigrant worker in Texas experienced wage and hour theft when his employer reportedly failed to compensate him and other contractors for his efforts. The situation occurred when the worker received his paycheck for a 40 hour work week and had only been paid $100. The man claims that while other workers felt demoralized, he became angry at what he saw as wage and hour theft.

Lawsuit filed against employer for failure to pay overtime

Reports indicate that the number of wage theft victims in Texas and across the country continues to increase. Federal and state authorities believe they have seen an increase in the number of businesses that are accused of keeping rightful pay from employees from failure to pay overtime. Recently, people working as various warehouse personnel made a claim against their employer for the failure to pay overtime for extended hours they may have worked without compensation.

Federal contractors and their failure to pay wages earned and due

Government laws and regulations exist to protect workers from an employer's failure to pay wages earned and due. When a Texas employee does not receive his or her rightful compensation, he or she may have fears of losing a job or of retaliation in another form. The fear of losing additional pay may be difficult for many people to overcome and still find the courage to file a complaint for an employer's failure to pay wages earned and due.

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