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Employer sued for discrimination

A Texas man is suing his former employer over alleged discrimination and harassment in the workplace. In the suit against Ampco Products LLC, the Denton County man says the company allowed an environment in which he was harassed and humiliated because of his disability. The action was filed on March 24 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The former employee is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in addition to costs and fees.

Employee files over disability discrimination

A company is being sued by a Texas employee for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Denton County resident claims that he was wrongfully discharged after being employed with Ampco Products Co. from Aug. 7 to Nov. 30, 2012. According to reports, the employee was harassed and humiliated because of his disability, the nature of which was not reported.

Having one employee in Texas opens a company up to a lawsuit

A company recently discovered that simply having one employee in Texas was enough to get it sued for violating that employee's rights. The company assumed wrongly that it would not be held liable for poor treatment and wrongful termination of the only employee it had in Texas. A judge found otherwise.

Man's depression disability discrimination case rejected

When Congress amended the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2008, it was clear that the law would be broadly interpreted to cover a wide range of disabilities, specifically addressing mental illness, among other conditions. However, the Fifth Circuit Court recently affirmed a lower court's decision that depression does not qualify as a disability in a Texas man's employee discrimination case.

Woman says hospital denied reasonable accommodations in hiring

A woman who applied for a position as a hospital administrator says that she was unfairly denied the job after she "failed" a urine sample test because she good not take it. The employer should have given her more time to complete the mandatory drug testing as an accommodation for her shy bladder problems, which she says amount to a disability under the meaning of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Americans with Disabilities Act protects job applicants

Applying for jobs is stressful for most people, but it may seem even more challenging if a person has a disability. A person may wonder whether he or she should tell potential employers about his or her disability upfront or whether it is acceptable to not mention the disability until necessary.

Texas Wendy's franchise settles ADA discrimination suit

A company that owns several Wendy's franchises in Texas has recently reached a settlement agreement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over disability discrimination allegations made by a prospective employee.

Kidney condition leads to possible disability discrimination

A man is suing his former employer after being terminated for what he believes were illegal reasons. The man says that his employer discriminated against him based on his disability even though he was still able to complete his job duties.

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