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Sexual Harassment Archives

Women: Is my boss allowed to dictate the terms of my appearance?

A lawsuit that has been making headlines recently concerns the so-called “bikini baristas”—coffee shop workers who are required to dress in bikinis on the job. The baristas contend that it is illegal to be required to wear clothing that suggests to customers that they are sexually available.

Office holiday party liabilities – part 1

In many workplaces, the end of the year is often a time of celebration. It’s a time for a company to take stock of its annual sales, offer raises or bonuses as well as congratulate their team on a job well done. One way in which many companies express thanks to their workforce is by hosting an office holiday party.

Workplace sexual harassment is broader than you might expect

You may think that workplace sexual harassment refers to inappropriate touching of a woman in the workplace. However, the definition of sexual harassment is actually much broader than that—and there are laws in place to protect workers against sexual harassment at all levels.

Dealing with sexual harassment at the Main Street level

Sexual harassment is illegal. It is against federal and state law. It is sad to think that anyone needs to be reminded of this, but it does since illegal behavior continues. Hollywood actresses make up the cadre of victims that may have brought the spotlight to bear on this issue, and it is now reportedly gaining attention from Wall Street deal makers, but the fact is that every day, on Main Streets across Texas and elsewhere, women, and men, can be targets.

What to do if you witness sexual harassment at work

Over the last year, the #metoo movement has made sexual harassment a subject that people are increasingly willing to talk about and seeking justice for. In our blog, we have dedicated many posts to subjects surrounding this disturbingly frequent violation. Much of the discourse has, understandably, focused on the victim and the perpetrator.

Law against workplace sexual harassment: 3 things you should know

You may know that sexual harassment was made illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. But what are the regulations and recourse defined under this law? Today we provide three facts that anyone should know about workplace sexual harassment:

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