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Sexual Harassment Archives

What to do if you witness sexual harassment at work

Over the last year, the #metoo movement has made sexual harassment a subject that people are increasingly willing to talk about and seeking justice for. In our blog, we have dedicated many posts to subjects surrounding this disturbingly frequent violation. Much of the discourse has, understandably, focused on the victim and the perpetrator.

Law against workplace sexual harassment: 3 things you should know

You may know that sexual harassment was made illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. But what are the regulations and recourse defined under this law? Today we provide three facts that anyone should know about workplace sexual harassment:

A hostile workplace could lead to legal action in Texas

Having to contend with difficult workplace environments can be a struggle for anyone. Texas residents may be interested in one woman in another state who recently took legal action after having to deal with a hostile workplace. The woman works as a police officer, and her claim states that she and other staff members had to face sexist comments and other remarks while on the job.

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