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Job termination is not the end of your employee rights

Most people equate the loss of a job with the end of their income, health insurance and other employee rights. Imagine losing your job after more than 10 years of loyal service. How are you going to pay your mortgage or make your car payments? What if it takes months to find another job that offers a comparable salary?

Sheriff's deputy files sexual harassment lawsuit against department

A sheriff's deputy has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Wayne County Sheriff's Department in Michigan. The deputy claims that female boss was sexually harassing him in workplace between November 2014 and October of 2015. When he reported this complaint to his male superiors, they allegedly laughed at the idea. The case now being tried in the U.S. District Court of Detroit.

Woman settles retaliation case with city

People in Texas who experience retaliation due to speaking up about what they believe to be illegal or unethical naturally feel a sense of injustice. One woman in another state reportedly faced this situation with her employer, a city, which led her to file a retaliation lawsuit against the city. She recently settled the case with the city.

Employee rights complaint -- worker fired for having surgery

In Texas, employees who have not signed employment contracts with the companies where they work may not realize that their bosses can fire them at will. This means that an employer does not have to have a valid reason; a worker's employment can be terminated at any time. Nevertheless, if an employer does not comply with a specific laws concerning employee rights -- such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) -- legal action may be appropriate.

Woman accuses university of wrongful termination and retaliation

In an ideal world, discrimination would be a thing of the past, but unfortunately it still occurs and affects many workers in Texas and elsewhere. This unlawful practice against legally protected statuses may even result in individuals losing their jobs unjustly. An out-of-state woman claims that she suffered a wrongful termination based on her age and has turned to a federal court for justice.

Chipotle accused of wrongful termination and sex discrimination

Texas individuals who enjoy Chipotle food may be aware of the recent allegations about their food safety protocols which has resulted in a lawsuit. The restaurant chain is now involved in another lawsuit in a federal court, but this time it was brought forth by three former employees. The women claim that they were the victims of wrongful termination based on their gender.

CNA claims facility violated the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act is meant, in part, to protect workers in Texas and all other states who need to take time away from work for a serious medical condition of their own or for an immediate family member. Taking advantage of this federal law can help workers who may have otherwise been terminated for taking off work for excessive periods of time. However, in some instances, some employees still end up losing their jobs because companies choose not to abide by the law or claim that it does not apply. A woman who worked in a health-care facility in another state claims she lost her job while on an approved leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, and has taken her case to federal court to right the wrongs against her.

Protection of employee rights in Texas

In the state of Texas, justice is available to those who have suffered mistreatment in the workplace. Protection of employee rights is possible for those who have been wrongfully terminated or acted against in retaliation from an employer. In addition, workers involved in wage and hourly disputes or those who have been sexually harassed are able to retain the help of an experienced employment law attorney when preparing to resolve such matters in court.

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