Frustrated man upset that he didn't get a job offer

Why Am I Not Getting Hired for a Job?

It seems like everywhere you turn, companies are looking for workers. However, only some employees who apply for specific jobs are hired. A potential employee would assume that if an employer needs help, they’ll hire anyone they can get. However, there are many reasons why an employer may pass on a potential employee.

Not Qualified

This is one of the most common reasons someone isn’t hired for a position. In most available jobs, employers have a list of qualifications they expect applicants to possess and preferred talents. While there is nothing wrong with someone trying to “shoot their shot” for a position, if an applicant does not meet specific qualifications, there is a good chance they will not be hired for the job.

Too Much Experience

On the other hand, individuals who are overly qualified for a position may also not be hired. This is because if someone is overly qualified for a position, the employer may feel pressured to pay more than the salary range for the job. Even if the applicant doesn’t know the salary range, the employer could make an excuse for why they’re not moving forward with the candidate, which can leave the candidate feeling down about themselves.

Resume or Application Does Not Portray an Accurate Picture

Did you know that updating your resume every quarter is recommended? By updating your resume frequently, you can feel confident that any new talents you acquired will be accounted for, and when you’re ready to apply somewhere, you will only need to do a quick review of your resume rather than rewrite it.

Lack of Passion

This is especially true for jobs with face-to-face interactions with customers. If the applicant is lax and not showing enthusiasm during an interview, why would an employer expect any changes if the applicant is hired? Employers want to hire individuals who are excited to make a difference in the workplace and show passion for their job.

Concerned You Weren’t Hired for a Different Reason?

Many times, employers will also not hire employees for other reasons — including characteristics that are protected. If you feel an employer didn’t hire you because of your age, race, sexual orientation, or other protected category, you need to contact an employment attorney right away.

The experienced Houston employment lawyers at Kennard Law, P.C. understand what qualifications can stop someone from illegally not being hired. We’re ready to fight for you if you feel like you weren’t hired and it was based on a protected classification. Reach out to our team online or by phone, so we can start working together. (855) 499-4514