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Can an Employer Question My Religious Beliefs?

Texas employment law and federal law does not allow employers to discriminate or question an employee’s religious beliefs. This is further enforced by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which in part states that employers can not discriminate against an employee based upon their “race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”

However, even though there are laws in place, this has not stopped some employers from forcing employees to disclose their religion or enforce practices that go against an employee’s religion.

Employee’s Rights

While an employer is not allowed to ask about an employee’s religious beliefs specifically, if an employee asks for a reasonable accommodation, an employer may inquire why the accommodation is being requested. The accommodation being requested can not cause undue hardship for the employer.

For example, if an employer asks employees not to wear hats, but a female employee requests to wear a head covering due to religious beliefs, an employer should oblige. However, if an employee asks for a different type of accommodation, and is denied, but proceeds to then claim the accommodation was due to a religious belief, the employer may be more skeptical.

Fighting a Religious Belief Discrimination Claim

Trying to prove that an employer is discriminating due to an employee’s religious belief can be a difficult task. That’s because employers will try to create doubt that an accommodation needs to be made in the first place. An employer may try to say that the employee has acted in ways that are inconsistent with the claimed belief or the timing of the request is questionable (for example, another employee being granted the same accommodation that the second employee is now asking for).

What Can I Do If My Employer is Questioning My Religious Beliefs?

If you are concerned about potential repercussions from your employer because of your religious beliefs, it’s best to speak to an experienced employment attorney. Guidance from an employment attorney will clarify whether your rights were violated and what options you can take.

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