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Can I Be Forced to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

Getting a new job is usually an exciting experience for most individuals! The idea of a new opportunity and making a mark in a field they’re passionate about is typically extremely fulfilling. Some employers, though, will ask employees, whether they’re new at the company or renewing their contract, to sign a non-compete agreement. But how legal is this practice?

Texas Non-Compete Laws

In the Lone Star State, non-compete laws are legal in certain circumstances, according to the Texas Workforce Commission. The conditions that must be met to enforce a non-compete agreement include:

  • the employee’s contributions are critical to the performance of the organization; and,
  • the employee could give trade secrets or other confidential information away should they be hired in a similar geographical area.

Non-compete agreements usually have a specified time in which an employee is not allowed to work in a similar field in the same geographical region. Typically, non-compete agreements state that this time period could be a minimum of six months while some non-compete agreements state up to two years. Depending on the field of employment the individual is in, the potential lag of being with an employer in a similar field could be detrimental to their career advancement.

Should I Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

If a potential employer tells a potential employee that they need to sign a non-compete agreement, they may be denied the potential job if they refuse to sign. No specific law states a potential employee must sign a non-compete agreement. However, the potential employer has every right to deny that potential employee a job opportunity if that employee refuses to sign a non-compete agreement. That’s why it’s heavily advised that if an employee is asked to sign a non-compete agreement they should have an experienced employment attorney review the document first.

The team at Kennard Law, P.C. has helped countless employees review non-compete agreements to ensure that what they’re signing isn’t going to hurt their potential career opportunities in the future. If an employer is asking you to sign a non-compete agreement, let Kennard Law, P.C. review it first. With multiple locations throughout the state and country, we’re ready to help you confidently take the next steps in your career without worrying about potential legal consequences down the road.

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