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Are You Being Retaliated Against at Work?

Employees should always feel safe at their jobs, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone. With discrimination and harassment still being committed by coworkers and employers alike, many employees are living in fear of being retaliated against if they choose to report these incidents.

Recognizing Retaliation

An employer can commit retaliation in both overt or subtle ways, making recognizing these actions somewhat difficult.

Here are some examples of the most noticeable types of retaliation against employees by their employers:

  • Being suddenly terminated or laid off
  • Reduced pay or benefits
  • Physical and verbal threats
  • An increase in behaviors like discrimination or harassment on the job
  • Being excluded from company events or meetings

Although the above examples can be obvious and easy to spot, there are some types of retaliation that can go unnoticed. Some of these include:

  • A reduction in hours
  • Sudden uncharacteristic negative performance reviews
  • Promotion or raise denials
  • Being transferred to a different location or given a lesser position

Steps to Take

If you wish to report one of these incidents, but you believe your employer will retaliate against you, there are three main steps to take to ensure your case is successful.

The first thing you should do is to gather all relevant information on the subject matter you are reporting. This includes any and all:

  • Documentation
  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Or any other form of written/electronic communication between you and your employer

This should be done before you file a report as well as the months after you file your report to make sure you have as much information and evidence as possible for your case.

The second step to take is to create a journal to keep track of all illegal actions your employer is taking against you or one of your coworkers. It can help you formulate a timeline of events to help you recount your employer’s actions in the future.

The third step to take when dealing with workplace retaliation is contacting an attorney. At Kennard Law, P.C. we are uniquely equipped to aid and assist you with any of your employment law needs.

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