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Wage & Hour Violations While Working From Home

Receiving a hard-earned paycheck is one of the best feelings in the world. However, sometimes the pay is way smaller than expected. If you haven’t worked fewer hours, there is a chance that some type of wage or hour violations are occurring at your job.

There are a few common violations that occur. However, the present pandemic has introduced new challenges for wage and hour violations. When working from home, there are unique issues to consider.

Common Wage & Hour Violations

There are several categories of wage and hour violations that have become common. This section of the blog will explain and provide an understanding of a couple of these violations.

Unpaid Overtime

Many situations constitute unpaid overtime. If you feel as though you have encountered these, consider contacting a legal representative.

  • Working overtime and not getting paid
  • You are not getting paid for all of your worked hours
  • Your employer rounds your time clock down to the last hour

Not Paying Promised Wages

Sometimes there are general issues with the established payment system from your employer. Inconsistent payment is a severe issue, so make sure to seek legal advice. The following fit within this category.

  • Your employer does not pay you at all
  • Your employer does not pay consistently
  • Your employer does not pay earned vacation
  • Your employer fails to pay any earned commission

These two categories constitute a large portion of wage and hour violations. However, with more folks working from home (WFH) during the pandemic, employers need to create clear WFH guidelines.

Pandemic Problems

With people working from home more than ever before, the lines between personal and work lives are even more blurred. Companies that have not operated a work from home program previously struggle even more. The following are potential wage and hour violations that can occur in this setting.

Rest & Meal Periods

Non-exempt full-time employees must have rest and meal periods during the workday. If the employee tries to adjust their meal periods to alter their workday, this contributes to wage and hour issues. Employees may also take longer breaks than necessary, which is difficult to monitor in the WFH setting.

Unscheduled Work

While working at home is convenient, it can also encourage work outside of regular hours. Doing this constitutes a wage and hour violation because they must pay you for any worked hours. Employers should have strict policies against unscheduled work so their employees understand.

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