Salesman claims he lost his job for reporting sexual harassment

In accordance with the law, all employees should be permitted to work in an environment that is free from any type of questionable behavior. If any type of harassment or unwanted advances occur, the issues should immediately be remedied to prevent them from continuing, but that is not always the way events unfold. Unfortunately, there are cases in which Texas workers may be fired as an act of retaliation for speaking out about sexual harassment.

According to a former car salesman, the reason why he lost his job was because he reported that he was being sexually harassed by his manager, who was also the company owner's daughter. In his complaint, he claims that he was regularly the target of his female supervisor's inappropriate behavior. She had allegedly invited him to come to her home on multiple occasions and made repeated sexual advances. This behavior was purportedly done in the open and, even though he denied her advances, she continued.

The plaintiff claims that the company did nothing about the problems, and things only got worse after he married. Not only did he allegedly receive the unwanted advances, but he was also scolded in front of his peers and threatened physically. He made formal complaints but nothing was done to resolve the issue, and he was told to ignore her. After reporting the harassment a third time, he threatened to have a lawyer intervene if it became necessary.

Several days after his last complaint, the plaintiff lost his job. He was told that the reason for his firing was because business had been slow, but his position was filled shortly afterward. The plaintiff claims that the reason why he lost his job was because he had complained about the sexual harassment that he had been forced to endure. Texas workers who are in similar situations and do not see action taken to address their complaints have the right to move forward and elect to pursue legal actions against their employers.

Source:, "Former car salesman claims sexual harassment by female supervisor caused termination", Jim Boyle, Jan. 15, 2015