Fire captains accuse their city of a failure to pay overtime

In most companies, there will be times when the business becomes exceedingly busy. Workers may be expected to work above and beyond their standard hours. One of the benefits to the employees is that they should at least be compensated for their hard work. When this doesn't happen, the Texas company may have some very upset workers if there is a failure to pay overtime as required.

A group of 29 fire captains claimed that they were not paid the overtime that they were due. For nearly 10 years, the plaintiffs say they were required to work additional hours and were not compensated with overtime. The captains allegedly brought the issue to the attention of their supervisors on several occasions, but nothing was ever done to address the issue.

According to the Virginia city where the captains worked, the plaintiffs were not supposed to be paid overtime for their additional hours. The plaintiffs then filed a lawsuit -- which could go only go back three years -- to attempt to claim their unpaid wages. The captains won their case, and the city will be paying out $385,000 among the plaintiffs. Each individual plaintiff will be awarded between $5,000 and $7,000, according to court records.

If Texas workers believe that they have been victimized by a failure to pay overtime, they may first wish to speak to their supervisors about the discrepancy to try to have the issue corrected. If an agreeable solution is not reached, the workers may choose to file claims against their employer. In successful cases, the claimants may receive any unpaid overtime, as required by applicable law, as well as any other monetary damages that are awarded by the court.

Source:, "Portsmouth fire captains given back pay for overtime", Scott Daugherty, Jan. 3, 2015