Tips On Selecting An Employment Lawyer

Selecting an employment lawyer can be tough. There are plenty out there, but how do you know you know you're getting the very best? Kennard Law, P.C., has prepared some key items you need to consider.

1. Be leery of one-person shops.

If an attorney is advertising and seeking as many cases as he or she can get, who is ultimately handling your case when that attorney gets you signed up? Probably a legal assistant and not a lawyer. Alternatively, even if this attorney is working your case, how effective can that lawyer really be if he or she has many cases and is the only lawyer trying to work on all of them?

Make sure your case gets the complete attention of a lawyer who does this every day. At Kennard Law, P.C., we have a full team of attorneys ready to give your case the attention it deserves. We won't pass your case off to an assistant. Your lawyer is doing all the critical work on any given case. Period.

2. Is the lawyer even in town? Is he or she even in Texas?

Many attorneys advertise online that they are in Texas, but don't even live here. Some claim to have an office all over the country, including all over Texas, but really don't; they are just simply advertising. Ultimately, it's hard to give a case proper attention if the main attorney is somewhere in Florida. And, who knows then who is really working on your case? Many times, that lawyer will simply refer the case to someone that is willing to pay him or her a fee. You deserve to know who is handling your case and that the person you are signing up is actually here and can do the work. And, you want someone that knows the city, the judges and other lawyers in your town. Don't be fooled by someone claiming to be here.

Kennard Law, P.C., is fully staffed with a minimum of two attorneys in each of its offices statewide in Texas. We don't just claim to have an office where we say we are — we actually do and have top-quality lawyers in each of our Texas locations. And, you get the benefit of the knowledge and expertise of all of our lawyers, as we work as a team. Our Texas offices can be found in Houston, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, Harlingen and Austin.

3. Is the attorney a "jack of all trades?"

Someone that spreads him or herself thin can be good at a lot of things but great at nothing. Some lawyers will represent that they do all sorts of things: family law, personal injury, employment law, wills, etc. If employment law is just thrown in or just one of several things that attorney does, then be careful. Employment law is a highly specialized field that requires a constant focus and attention to the many changing laws.

At Kennard Law, P.C., all we do is employment law — all day every day. We help individuals and small businesses with labor and employment matters. We stay abreast of the changing laws and have been doing so for a long time. We don't do car accidents. We don't do divorces. We focus on this, and you deserve a team of experts in what you need.

4. Is the attorney an expert and board-certified in labor and employment law?

You don't want a family doctor performing heart surgery; you need someone that is a true specialist in this area.

At Kennard Law, P.C., founding attorney Alfonso Kennard Jr. is both board-certified in labor and employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He will evaluate and stay informed on every single case the firm takes. He works long hours, but is always working with our team of lawyers to make sure he has an advantage and will utilize the best strategy for our clients. Mr. Kennard also has been recognized and rated by Texas Super Lawyers, a Thomson Reuters Service. You deserve to have a strong team fighting for you. At Kennard Law, P.C., you will have that team on your side.

5. Don't be fooled by the word free.

Many attorneys will claim to have "consultations" or say they will work your case on a straight contingency. Many get you in the door this way and then charge you high fees to even agree to handle your case. So much for "free." As they say, sometimes you get what you pay for.

At Kennard Law, P.C., if we think you have something but we need to spend more time with you to be sure, we take the extra time to fully evaluate your case; we are always very thorough because you deserve nothing less. We usually spend several hours in person with every potential client to make sure we understand his or her case and so that we can be honest about the strength of the case. If we think your case is weak, we're not going to take your money. We're going to tell you the truth and explain why — we give you the good and the bad so you can make the best decision for you and your family on how to proceed. And, we are upfront about our fee structures. Though a majority of our cases are on a straight contingency, some are not. If a fee is required in your case, we will be reasonable, and will tell you why.