Successful Wrongful Termination Claims Require Careful Analysis Of Facts

When individuals are looking for work, they will be looking for the place that offers them the best fit for their talents. If the worker finds the right place, he or she can focus on the job and look forward to a long-term employment relationship.

However, as we all know, very few employment relationships last forever. Sometimes companies go out of business and positions disappear. Employers may decide to reduce the workforce and offer severance packages to those employees being let go. Some employees may not perform according to the company's expectations and find themselves terminated.

Many employees may be confused and hurt by the employer's decision to end their employment. They may have little opportunity to contest the firing, and instead must simply look for a new place to work. But, these employees may wish to carefully review the factors that led to their dismissals, as they may have claims for wrongful termination.

There are several ways that a wrongful termination claim may arise in Texas. Certain protected groups may be able to proceed under a theory of discrimination, but not all employees will fit into one of those categories. Others may have been fired for failing to participate in an illegal activity that the employer has ordered them to complete. Employers are also not allowed to retaliate against employees that notify governmental authorities of potential wrongdoing.

In a recent Texas case, an associate vice president of a university alleged wrongful termination after she faced a potential loss of her job. The woman authored a report that questioned the university's use of some government funds, and also expressed concerns over some conduct that was happening in the school's dorms. The report quickly was picked up by media in the region, leading to scrutiny for other officials at the university.

After the report was made public, the school started to restrict some of the woman's duties. She stated that she was eventually given a decision to accept a severance package or be terminated, which caused her a great deal of stress. She requested time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act, but the school would not make her job available to her when she returned. The woman has requested several different types of relief in her suit, including a reinstatement to her prior position.

As demonstrated by this particular example, wrongful termination cases depend on a careful review of the facts. It is important to work with an experienced employment law attorney to learn more about the different options that may be available to you if your employer has terminated you unlawfully.