Texas Employees Allege Age Discrimination In New Case

There are many people who rely upon their jobs for financial stability. They need to work in order to make ends meet. If they lost their jobs, they would struggle to pay their bills, and could experience significant financial harm. They look forward to going into work each day, as it helps them gain the resources that they need to provide for their families.

In some workplaces, there may be certain policies and procedures in place that make it difficult for some employees to thrive. Depending upon what is happening, it is possible that these individuals may have claims for discrimination against their employers.

A recent Texas case highlights some of the conduct that could potentially give rise to these claims. A company had told several workers that no employees would be terminated after a new CEO was named. A short time later, the company let go of 15 employees.

Those terminated by the company included several older employees who had been with the company for a long time. Seven members were over the age of 50, and once fired, were replaced with younger, less expensive new hires. The fired employees contend that they were let go shortly before they were supposed to receive their employment bonuses for the prior year. One of the officers with the company had allegedly stated that employees over age 50 were of little value to the organization before the move was made.

These employees have filed a lawsuit alleging age and disability discrimination. They must demonstrate that they were members of a protected class, which could potentially include these employees. They must also show that they were discriminated against because they were members of these classes, which may have happened once they were terminated. It will be up to the courts to determine the motive of the employers in this case.

If you have questions about an age or other type of employment discrimination issue, you should contact an experienced employment law attorney in your area to learn more about your options. This will help you gain an understanding of your potential claims, and will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your case.

Your attorney will be able to aggressively investigate your claims and also advocate on your behalf. The companies involved might be very reluctant to address your concerns, and only respond once litigation has been initiated.

There will be a host of possible resolutions that may result once your case has been filed. This means that you will need to be sure that you work with someone that is committed to protecting your best interests.