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August 2018 Archives

Does the 12-week period of leave under FMLA renew every year?

The United States lags behind much of the developed world when it comes to letting employees take leave from work for personal illness or family emergencies. Many countries require some paid leave when personal health or family emergencies require it.

Can I be fired for what I say on my social media accounts?

Different laws control the relationships between employers and employees. They exist at local, state and federal levels and have built up over many years. Meantime, the ways in which we engage with each other is changing all the time, with social media platforms being the most recent.

Doctors and nurses with disabilities fighting discrimination

There's a line in the Bible that reads, "Physician, heal thyself." Friedrich Nietzsche took it a bit further by adding: "then wilt though also heal thy patient." The context in which the advice was offered is understood to apply to looking out for the well-being of your neighbor. That is, you can't adequately look out for others if you don't first look out for yourself.

Is it legal to advertise for a job that’s already been filled?

In a previous post, we discussed the growing trend of job interview fraud—the dishonest practice of holding online interviews for jobs that don’t exist. In today’s post, we examine the phenomenon of fake job postings.

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