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June 2018 Archives

What to do if you witness sexual harassment at work

Over the last year, the #metoo movement has made sexual harassment a subject that people are increasingly willing to talk about and seeking justice for. In our blog, we have dedicated many posts to subjects surrounding this disturbingly frequent violation. Much of the discourse has, understandably, focused on the victim and the perpetrator.

Are you entitled to protections as an undocumented worker?

We’ve written at length in previous posts about the legal protections workers have from discriminatory treatment based on race, gender, religion or other personal traits. However, many undocumented workers must contend with such treatment—including unfairly low or lost wages, harassment and other labor law violations in the workplace—and they’re too afraid of potential repercussions to speak out.

How to reclaim power in forced employer arbitration

We’ve discussed in previous posts some of the pitfalls of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts—which often benefit the employer over the employee. If you’re offered a job and your new employer requires you to sign such an agreement, you may assume you have no option other than to blindly agree. After all, you might expect that refusing to sign means you’ll lose the job offer.

How timekeeping software can cheat hourly workers out of wages

If you’re an hourly employee, you’re probably required to punch in and out and the start and end of each work day. If you’re clocking in using an ID badge, computer login or any other electronic system, your working hours are likely automatically calculated using a timekeeping software.

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