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May 2018 Archives

How employment-based arbitration contracts can hurt employees

In last week’s post, we discussed a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows employers to ban employees from filing class action lawsuits—forcing them to instead pursue arbitration to resolve employment-based disputes. In this article, we examine how arbitration can disadvantage the employee.

SCOTUS delivers discouraging news for mistreated employees

It has become increasingly common in recent years for employers to require their employees to sign an arbitration agreement when they start working at a company. Under this agreement, employees waive their rights to sue in the event that the employer behaves improperly. Instead, employees must pursue legal action through arbitration.

What to do when you overhear racist comments at work

You’re at your cubicle at work, minding your own business. In a neighboring cubicle, your manager strikes up a conversation with a colleague. She brings up a police shooting that happened the week before, which resulted in the murder of an innocent black man. To your horror, you overhear your boss making fun of the victim—even blaming him for being shot.

Can an interview question perpetuate gender-based discrimination?

You’ve probably heard that women earn an average of 20 percent less than what men in the same position make. From the moment a woman enters the workforce, this unequal footing sets her on a disadvantaged trajectory for her entire career.

Are temp workers protected from workplace discrimination?

Temporary workers typically don’t have the most illustrious jobs. As a temp, you may be treated like a second-class citizen in the workplace. Perhaps the company you’re working at needed some extra hands during the holiday rush, so they contracted you to help out with basic, menial tasks. Consequently, they treat you like a low-status laborer with no real skills or substance. Perhaps your temporary status excludes you from team meetings—which are only reserved for permanent employees. On top of that, you have no sense of job security, because as a temp, your boss can cancel your contract at the drop of a hat.

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