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April 2018 Archives

How do I prove workplace discrimination?

If your employer is treating you in a discriminatory way, you may know that you have rights under federal law, which protect you against adverse action based on your race, ethnicity, gender, religion, pregnancy, age or disability. However, understanding that your employer’s behavior is illegal and proving it’s illegal are two very different matters.

EEOC sues Texas sports bar for pregnancy discrimination

Off the Air, II, Inc. is a sports bar based in Rowlett, Texas which operates under the name Nick’s Sports Grill. Bartender Taylor King had a successful tenure at the bar. However, when she became pregnant and could no longer fit into the skin-tight company uniform—a form-fitting shirt and hot pants—the company let her go.

Core considerations in hiring an employment lawyer

Chances are, if you’re looking into hiring an employment lawyer, it’s your first time. Most people don’t experience employment-related disputes regularly, so when they encounter the need for employment counsel, the legal process is unfamiliar.

How to avoid legal trouble when providing an employee reference

As an employer, providing a work reference for a past employee can be tricky. It’s your job to make sure the information you’re providing gets into the right hands. In addition, if you provide a less than stellar review of the employee’s work, you could put yourself at risk of a lawsuit. Your former employee could sue you for libel or slander, or a prospective employer could sue you for a negligent referral.

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