Am I in a Hostile Work Environment?

Plenty of people don’t like going to work. They might hate their boss or hate their job; some people would simply rather do anything but work.

However, for Texas employees who have their rights violated at work, the workplace can be especially upsetting. In fact, even the idea of going to work can cause extensive anxiety, apprehension and fear. If you feel this way about going to your place of work, then you may want to consider if you are the victim of a hostile work environment.

What Is a Hostile Work Environment?

hostile work environment is a type of harassment. It involves unwelcome conduct, comments, actions or policies by employers, customers, contractors or co-workers.

Generally speaking, a workplace can be hostile if it causes a reasonable person to feel intimidated, threatened, abused or offended. If you cannot do your job or the conditions of your employment have been affected by the harassment and misconduct of your supervisors or co-workers, then you could be the victim of a hostile work environment.

Important Things to Consider

Before you make any assumptions about your situation, understand that there are numerous legal requirements of this type of claim that must be met in order to be actionable. In other words, just because you feel offended or upset at work doesn’t mean there is misconduct that rises to the level of a hostile work environment.

The harassment must be severe and pervasive; it must be discriminatory and based on a person’s sex, race, religion or other protected characteristic; victims as well as a reasonable person should find the environment abusive or hostile.

Know Your Options If You Are the Victim of a Hostile Work Environment

You should not have to feel harassed, intimidated or abused at work; you should not be afraid to enforce your rights or report misconduct. If you do, then you can talk to an employment law attorney who can explain your legal options and help you take the necessary action to protect yourself, your job and your rights.