The Far-Reaching Impact of a Wrongful Termination

No one likes getting fired. It can make people feel angry, embarrassed and scared about their future. Some people assume that all you can do is to just dust yourself and start looking for a new job. 

But the truth is that termination can have a considerable impact on a worker that makes it very difficult to recover, especially if the firing was illegal, or wrongful. A wrongful termination is something to take seriously, as it can have a profound effect on a person's livelihood, future and well-being.

For instance, if you are fired for discriminatory reasons or out of retaliation for exercising your rights as an employee in Texas, then you can experience the following types of damages.

Emotional Distress

People can experience mental anguish, depression and anxiety in light of a wrongful termination. After all, it is unfair and can make a person feel like they don't have rights worth protecting; it also puts a worker in a position to feel unsure about their future and scared about how they will take care of themselves and their families. 

Financial Damages

Financial damages can include lost wages and benefits, and are often the most immediate and acute damages people experience. Without a paycheck, health insurance and other benefits of a job, people can wind up buried in debt and unable to pay for things like their car, rent and other necessities.

Difficulty Finding a New Job

A wrongful termination could also impact your ability to find a job in your same field. This is one of the claims made by former NFL linebacker who claims he was wrongfully terminated. Part of his lawsuit alleges that his team let him go without explanation, spurring rumors in the league that he was struggling with alcohol problems. He says the termination and his former team's silence on the issue have destroyed his career.

Seeking Compensation for These and Other Damages

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, then you have the right to examine your legal options to pursue financial remedies for these and other damages suffered. Doing so with the help and guidance of an attorney can help you avoid costly missteps and seek the full compensation you deserve.