Wrongful Termination May Give Cause for Legal Action in Texas

Texas residents may be interested in one out-of-state man's employment law case. Reports stated that the man had worked for a nonprofit organization and was under contract for three years. His contract was to end next year, but he was recently fired from the organization. As a result of this occurrence, he is pursuing a wrongful termination case.

The man claims that his dismissal was based on false accusations made by a board member and that the accusations were made for personal reasons. The "unsubstantiated tales" apparently relate to the man participating in negative behavior. However, the man states that he had never received any type of indication that there was a problem with his job performance.

Though the man's contract does give stipulations under which he could be fired, he does not believe that he committed any of the acts that warrant such action. Those acts include theft, dishonesty, violence or charges of committing a felony offense. The type of compensation the man hopes to gain with the lawsuit was not specified. He was unable to provide further comment on his case after being contacted for the report.

Losing a job under any circumstances can cause considerable hardships. When a person believes the firing was unjust, the blow can be even more devastating. If, like this man, Texas residents believe that they were wrongly dismissed from their employment positions, they may wish to find out more information on wrongful termination claims. Experienced attorneys could provide reliable advice on taking such action for parties interested in consulting with them.

Source: aspentimes.com, "John Thew sues Aspen Film over "wrongful termination"", Erica Robbie, May 19, 2017