Woman Sues Charter School, Alleging Race Discrimination

A woman who used to work at a charter school in another state recently sued the school for racially discriminating against her. In her federal lawsuit, the Asian American woman alleged that, in addition to her facing race discrimination, her free speech right was violated. Anyone in Texas and elsewhere who suffers from racial discrimination has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

The woman in the out-of-state case filed her claim against the academy as well as its principal. She claimed that she spoke to around 100 students in middle school one day about discrimination against women as well as domestic violence. She asserted that she was speaking as a writer, not in her role as an instructor at the time.

The principal then reportedly told the woman to leave the facility and return in a couple of days to talk about tolerance and diversity issues with the principal and curriculum director. The principal also allegedly warned the woman that her community was not quite ready for her. The woman ended up being fired, and she claimed that it was done in retaliation for her speech. She also claimed that the institution had historically refused to employ or keep minority workers and that she had been terminated due to her race.

Race discrimination remains an issue at companies, although it is illegal according to federal law. Workers who experience this type of treatment in Texas may opt to file discrimination claims against the employers who have reportedly allowed the discrimination to take place. Knowing which facts have to be proved to succeed in this type of legal case will most likely be important.

Source: mlive.com, "Teacher sues Michigan charter school, alleges racial discrimination", Cole Waterman, Feb. 17, 2017