Workplace Discrimination Suit Filed Against Fiat Chrysler

An automobile company is currently facing accusations of age discrimination. Specifically, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reportedly treated its older workers unjustly when evaluating their job performance. The company ended up giving older employers fewer promotions and less pay than its younger workers received -- a type of workplace discrimination that is illegal in Texas and all other states, according to federal law.

According to the federal lawsuit filed against Fiat, top managers at the company rarely worked with the workers for whom they were conducting performance evaluations. However, they were reportedly still charged with rating these employees' performance and always displayed the workers' photos in front of them during the evaluation process. Even when the workers' immediate supervisors praised their work, the higher-level managers allegedly often gave these same workers poor scores.

The workers whom the company is said to have given bad scores are those age 55 or older. This is not the first time that Fiat has been accused of workplace discrimination. Recently, a former manager of diversity at the company claimed that the company's review process also impacted black workers at least during the years of 2014 to 2017.

Being mistreated based on age or race can be humiliating and have a negative impact on future job prospects. Fortunately, employers in Texas who engage in such workplace discrimination may be held liable through the civil court system. Anyone who is discriminated against on the job has the right to file a legal claim against his or her employer, with monetary relief for any damages incurred possibly resulting from a successfully litigated case.

Source:, "Fiat Chrysler hit with lawsuit charging age discrimination", Tresa Baldas, March 2, 2017