Woman Reportedly Faces Sexual Harassment, Discrimination at Work

A woman who previously worked for a municipal solid waste department in another state accused city officials of discriminating against her. Specifically, the city manager, along with other officials, allegedly denied her a promotion due to a sexual harassment claim she had filed against the city manager back in 2014. However, the woman recently got a $300,000 settlement in a workplace discrimination lawsuit she had filed against the city officials. When employers in Texas and elsewhere engage in workplace discrimination, they may be held liable through the civil court system.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman filed her lawsuit in 2015. According to the suit, she was working as an acting solid waste director at the time and was not given the director role since she had complained about the city manager sexually harassing her. In a separate case, the man who supported the woman's sexual harassment allegations reportedly ended up being terminated as a result and thus sued the city. This lawsuit was settled for $175,000, with the plaintiff receiving $91,000 of it.

The city as well as the state's municipal league each paid one-half of the settlement with the male plaintiff. Likewise, each party will pay 50 percent of the recent settlement with the female plaintiff. The city will be able to cover both settlements using the solid waste fund.

Facing workplace discrimination or sexual harassment can be emotionally traumatizing. However, it is possible for Texas workers who have faced discrimination on the job site to take legal action. Depending on the circumstances surrounding their cases, they may receive remedies including back pay as well as other monetary damages.

Source: hotsr.com, "City settles lawsuit for $300K", David Showers, March 14, 2017