Sexual Harassment Suit Filed Against Elks Lodge

A woman in an out-of-state case claimed that she was harassed sexually while on the job. She therefore filed a lawsuit against the company for which she was working, an Elks lodge. However, she recently settled her suit alleging sexual harassment, which is considered illegal conduct in Texas and other states according to federal law.

The woman filed her lawsuit back in 2016. At that time, she claimed that she had been in an events coordinator role between 2011 and 2015, in which she made $100 a month before being fired. The plaintiff asserted that, while working at the lodge, she was harassed by the cook repeatedly. For instance, the cook allegedly gazed at the plaintiff's buttocks and breasts, grabbed her, attempted to kiss her and rubbed against her.

When the woman reportedly shared her concerns with Elks officials, they simply dismissed them and ended up retaliating against her. That is when she filed a lawsuit and sought a total of $375,000. However, she recently accepted a $25,000 settlement offer.

By law, companies that pay employees in the state of Texas or elsewhere cannot create an environment where their workers must endure sexual harassment. Harassment may include being asked to succumb to sexual advances in order to maintain a job role, for example. Victims of this type of harassment have the right to file sexual harassment claims against their employers. Remedies in successfully fought claims can lead to a promotion, back pay or even the reinstatement of a job depending on the facts surrounding each individual case.

Source:, "Ashland Elks settle sexual harassment lawsuit", Vickie Aldous, March 28, 2017