Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Sperm Bank Settled

A woman in another state who appeared a couple of times on the Beverly Hills Pawn television show claimed that she was harassed sexually at her workplace, a sperm bank. She thus filed a lawsuit against her employer. She recently ended up settling this lawsuit. Sexual harassment continues to be a real problem in the workplace in Texas and elsewhere, but those who experience it have the right to seek justice.

The woman in the out-of-state case started working for the sperm bank back in 2013. In 2014, a supervisor allegedly told the woman that some dark stains in the area of her work area and desk were semen. In addition, the supervisor mocked the woman using a recording of her television show. The woman was eventually demoted and asserted that she had no choice but to quit her job in 2015.

The woman claimed that she not only faced sexual harassment but also faced sex discrimination and wrongful termination. She also reportedly suffered emotional distress that was intentionally inflicted. The terms of the recently reached settlement were not divulged, but the company maintains that it did no wrongdoing and that the woman abandoned her job role voluntarily.

Companies in the state of Texas have a duty to make sure that their workers are not sexually harassed or discriminated against, as this may result in a hostile work environment. If they fail to do this, those being mistreated at work may choose to file sexual harassment claims against their employers. Depending on the particular situation, remedies might include monetary damages and the reinstatement of a job.